Millet successfully squeezed apple, established wearable device market position

Millet apple wearable devices

xinlangkeji· 2017-08-11 14:47:26


technology news Beijing time on August 11th morning news, according to market consulting firm Canalys data shows that, in the world of wearable equipment market by shipments, apple has dropped to third, the first is the new champion of millet, the second is FitBit.

2017 two quarter, demand for wearable devices grew by 9%, millet all the way leader. Two quarter, millet equipment shipped 3 million 500 thousand units, Fitbit to 3 million 300 thousand units in the second place, down 34% over the same period last year. Look at Apple, its ranking dropped to third, Apple Watch shipped only 2 million 700 thousand units. Millet and Fitbit main sales Fitness bracelet.

小米,苹果,可穿戴设备2016-2021, mobile version of the smart watch network forecasting global demand (millions)

even though Canalys prediction of the upcoming Apple Watch 3 could help Apple regain some market rumors, the biggest selling point of new watch is that it can get rid of the iPhone work separately, can be connected to the mobile network. (cloud outside)

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