BAT big three may have changed? Ali empire will take two dollars?

Ali Empire

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last night, Ali announced earnings in fiscal year 2016, annual transaction volume reached 3.092 billion yuan, not more than Wal Mart, and more than Sweden, a country's economy, has become the country's largest mobile economies, although not a dime with Xiaobian Ali's money, but Xiaobian or our Internet companies feel proud.


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million European Network on May 5th, Alibaba today evening issued as of 2016 March 31, 2016 Q4 earnings and 2016 financial results for the fiscal year, the data show that annual turnover reach 3.092 trillion yuan , the fourth quarter revenue 241 billion yuan year-on-year growth of 39%.

the Alibaba platform active buyers of 1600 million, lynx international transaction volume year-on-year growth of more than 180%. Logistics, has achieved 13 city and 88 city of the next day. Rural electricity suppliers, rural Taobao service station has covered 14000 villages. Style= font-size: "16px color:; RGB future Alibaba will plan to invest one hundred billion yuan strategic layout in the future "service economy", to reconstruct and upgrade the industrial chain efficiency.

shortly before March 21st, the Alibaba has scaled invited more than 250 the media gathered in Hangzhou, the contents of the conference was to guess the Public opinions are divergent., version, and the final results are announced, the Alibaba announced fiscal year 2016 total retail transactions (GMV) exceeded 3 trillion yuan, while the core point of the entire conference, Alibaba in the fiscal year (April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016) is expected to overtake WAL-MART as the world's largest retail platform.

the propaganda Alibaba played "impact 'the world's top 20 economies'" slogan, "arrogant" degree is evident.


BAT three foot may change hands, two

recently Baidu can be described as will continue to spread out health promotion vulnerability makes Baidu shares suffered a setback, until 2016 May 4 on the evening of 22, Baidu's market capitalization was $609 million, unmasked after a few days, Baidu's market value has shrunk more than 400 billion yuan. And during this period, the bat three already not in the starting line comments come in a throng, even view that bat in B will be left behind, ATM (M is ant gold service) will become the new big three. author for this argument is not bad, but for just a few years time will be able to take the Ant King of gold to $60 billion worth of Ma dad.


4 June 26, ant gold service announced it has completed a $45 million b round of financing, the valuation of up to $600 billion, this round of financing investment overseas and China Construction Bank subordinate company and other shareholders join. Style= font-size: "16px color:; RGB


MA and Ali made it rich empire, the cradle of IPO enterprise

recently, Alibaba Group's lynx platform announced" established to assist the businesses listed office ", functions will help on the platform, the merchants and brokers, exchanges, and other already listed or to be listed brand business enterprise build a bridge of communication; it is understood, the" help businesses listed office established by Han Douyi lynx platform merchant houses, three squirrels, camels, Han, Hui beauty in 2016 in late March, a joint initiative of the. Currently Tmall platform has more than 50 companies in the internal start IPO program, a number of brokerage firms have expressed interest in underwriting. And in April 29th, Korean homes have been in the national share transfer system to disclose the disclosure of public transfer instructions, the upcoming landing three new board. From the Alibaba's build rich journey officially set sail.


the also comments to the media said that the Alibaba open listing support program, can be called the birth of a new economic phenomenon. in China and even in the world couldn't find out the two firms have the ability to do this, and for the Alibaba platform for businesses 50 is just one if, in the future, Alibaba Group will bring out more and more listed companies, Ali will not only a platform is a accelerator made rich, the platform for businesses can be obtained including discharge, user, data, logistics, payment, cloud computing, data, such as a series of perfect service.

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Superman is not invulnerable, fake brush single when can solution?


fakes and scalping problem has been the business platform Tucao concentration area, this year 315 party, exposed Taobao, beautiful said platform brush single behavior, this does not blame, but for users on the platform is a kind of hurt.


Although several high-profile Ma and his empire Ali announced to strictly fake false cure, but so far still failed to effectively control the occurrence of. since Ali listed, globalization, rural electricity supplier, big data and cloud computing strategic goal in five to ten years, but the opinion of the author, cure the symptoms, the purification of the platform is still top priority of Ali.


a few days ago, one of the investment community practitioners to million euro net said that many people put Ma Ali and regarded as a benchmark, to follow Ma attempts to recreate another Ali empire. And in this world only a Ma, Alibaba and Ma said many of them are false, but why can do so much, is because Ma behind a group of like Joseph Tsai as refined by the British elite to do practical things, therefore venture learners Ma, learning Ali, but not necessarily become Ma, not necessarily can accomplish another Ali.


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