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micaihujunshi· 2017-08-11 17:06:50

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recently, the India media frequently India Lang confrontation hole issued a report, forced Bhutan on this issue even Nepal do contribute to India's position. But to their disappointment, the two countries did not respond, hoping to maintain balance and open neutrality". Even the India media admitted that similar ideas existed in many small South Asian countries.

in fact, this incident is just a microcosm of India in the Himalaya mountains south of quite PA acts. For a long time, India with its own so-called national security grounds to Nepal and Bhutan are sovereign independent country naked infiltration, intervention, control, and even forcibly annexed, is the essence of this area as a "private house". The Indian army flagrantly illegal cross-border, this is what happened in the wrong context.

India has been colonized for hundreds of years in history, but since independence in 1947, the international community has seen a full colonial mentality and a set of colonial practices. India is the founder of the non aligned movement, but it has long been a violation of the independent, autonomous and non colonial objectives of the movement in the South Asian subcontinent.

for the vast majority of foreign countries, perhaps the south slope of Himalaya geo of little value, but in the area of India intensified the hegemonic act, the international community should not continue to go unchecked, the United States and other western countries should not ignore the selective. 1975 India flagrantly annexation of Sikkim when the international community chose silence in the background of the United States and the Soviet Union, today if you continue to allow India act, "Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan Bhutan is not far away. If so, how about democracy and equality in the international community? What about axiom interests?

in the area if there is no such a responsibility to play a big country of Chinese regional hegemony balances, so, Nepal, Bhutan people are suffering from stress, bullying will become aggravated. From this point of view, China and south of Himalaya Range to maintain and develop the national normal communication between sovereign and Independent States, pragmatic move is to promote their own development, to safeguard their own interests, is the country to fulfill the responsibility of the maintenance of international moral generosity.

especially need the attention of the international community, including Chinese of South Himalaya, South Asia countries attention and investment, is the basic principle of equality and mutual benefit and respect the state sovereignty based on independence of India in this area is to aid, but apparently in violation of the above principles, the additional strategy too selfish the way is China; economic and cultural exchanges, mutual benefit and common development, India is the means of intimidation, interference deterrence penetration even annexation. Between the two, the merits, right and wrong, at a glance!

in recent years, including Nepal, Bhutan, South Asian countries to China goodwill has increasingly deep feelings, "The Belt and Road" initiative is in addition to India South Asia all countries welcome is direct proof. Even China Bhutan and has not yet established diplomatic relations, in economic, cultural, religious and other fields China conducted active exchanges and cooperation, and the top pressure of India and China conducted 24 rounds of border negotiations in good faith.

India should clearly recognize that South Himalaya is not their own "private house", but the common homeland of countries within the region to equality and mutual benefit. Only by returning to the normal state of mind and with mutual respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty can China and its South Asian neighbors get along well with each other in order to safeguard their own security fundamentally, India. On the contrary, if you hold a colonial mentality, against the tide of world peace and development, exclusive operation on the subcontinent and the south of Himalaya, India is definitely not strong and prosperous, and the strategy is difficult to bear permanent scars. (the writer is a researcher at the center for military public opinion research and analysis at the school of political science, National Defense University)

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