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editor's note: the advent of smartphones has made photos easy to come by. Photograph copyright has become a more controversial topic than before. Unsplash CEO Mikael Cho community in "The future of photography and Unsplash" in an article to share its experience in the community, the share is more important than copyright trading, through the photos arrived at the user, in order to make a connection to create value.

", we don't expect Unsplash (Free HD Wallpaper sharing website) to be able to change much. Our intention to start Unsplash was to think it would be useful.

Unsplash is a community where anyone can share high resolution photos for everyone's free use. It was originally just a blog on Tumblr and released 10 featured photos. In our view, instead of keeping photos on the hard disk and moving the photos to other creative projects as much as possible, they may play a greater role. A freelance designer can use images to simulate and demonstrate. A cash strapped entrepreneur can post a beautiful background image on the website to attract potential customers.

we believe that the benefits of our voluntary uploading of pictures are much better than the collection of payments. The power of the


, based on free photos of the starting point, Unsplash became more meaningful than it could sell millions of dollars. The first 10 uploaded photos have been viewed more than 58 million times. Unsplash has become a creator community of over 20 million. More than 250 thousand photos have been uploaded from all over the world, and hundreds of millions of creative acts have taken place.

" (Unsplash

Unsplash photo photo map) not only help designers and entrepreneurs to complete the design and website, but also become teachers, non-profit organizations, independent creators of inspiration.

" (from the Unsplash community in the photo)

Unsplash creators believe share photos will make other people benefit, so our goal is to promote the people's expectations and build, this is not happening in other things on the platform. Today, a picture uploaded on Unsplash has far more influence than it has on Instagram, the front page of New York Times, and anywhere else.

creators don't have to worry about too little attention, or do not have a good broker team to help promote it. We will bring the audience to you.

, a direct user oriented creator,

, is an independent designer, and I know you're powerless to increase exposure because the increase in the amount of exposure alone doesn't benefit you. But ignoring the value of exposure entirely is undesirable.

all artists need an audience. If we don't get instant pay, why do we have to spend time posting on Instagram? This is because, over time, these content will bring us the audience.

over the past 10 years, platforms such as YouTube, iPhone, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Medium have given us more and more possibilities to communicate and communicate. Sometimes, this connection is for fun only, for the sake of creation without any other purpose. At other times, the connection is purposeful. The filmmakers released trailers free of charge on YouTube to attract audiences to the movies. Musicians are releasing free songs and even the entire album on SoundCloud to try to increase sales of concert tickets. Writers spend tens of thousands of hours free of charge to sell their publications. The emergence of new platforms will not endanger the original industry, they just change the law of occurrence. The

online platform gives many people an opportunity to share their skills with a large audience instantly. The new platform creates a distribution channel and community that we did not have. In this sense, this is the best time to become a creator.

when New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferris was banned from publishing his book at Barnes & Noble, he chose to upload some excerpts free of charge online to get a chance to publish an actual book. Author Leo Babuta posted content on his blog, Uncopyrighted, to improve his popularity, not just to record his feelings. Chance The Rapper as the first prize Grammy artist, his physical album but not sold, only free out.

these shares did not directly generate any monetary gains. Instead, the creators may have lost some of their earnings. But no matter how much they lose, they will benefit more from free sharing. As Chance the Rapper once said, "I realize that my power can provide support for those who have no limits.". I earn money from traveling and selling goods, and I truly believe that if we put our energies into something, we can accomplish it. It's not necessary to start with traditional methods. The unique feature of

: Unsplash seems to be a useful platform for amateur photographers, because it enables amateur photographers to make money with their hobbies,

Unsplash. But what about commercial photographers?

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