MLM is witness: hungry to catch grasshoppers eat 100 Brainwashing

Zhang Liang Handan Hebei exposure

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" in recent years, various types of pyramid schemes repeated and retrofit. Recently, Li Wenxing's death incident once again put pyramid schemes on the cusp of public opinion. We interviewed several people have been deceived into MLM, they are among the graduates, college students, migrant workers in Beijing, but they have in common are fooled by acquaintances. Zhang Liangliang, 2013 in Hebei Handan a sales organization, a week has been successfully brainwashed, has cheated nearly 20 thousand yuan, after two months in order to influence the work state of other personnel organizations on the grounds, MLM organizations sent, successful self-help. Tencent Yang Haodong Chen Yan Tong Luo Qin tiankuang Xuefeng / photo / text

2013" in June, Zhang Liangliang was in a Beijing hotel do bakers, photography is the public known. A former female former colleague invited him to shoot a fashion show in Hebei, Shijiazhuang. He was well paid. Then Zhang Liangliang asked for a leave, to accept the "solicitation offsite", colleagues bought a train ticket at Zhang Liangliang when I contacted him to say the company is in Handan to do the activities, I hope he come here as soon as possible filming locations by Shijiazhuang to Handan.

to the site, shiny found that the situation is wrong, the cell phone was confiscated, can only obey, can not resist. Every day four or five people stare at the class, "invest a point as long as 3999 yuan, here adhere to one to two years later, you can receive 1 million 300 thousand returns, more investment, then income will double."". In the beginning, Liang did not believe that, after a week of "brainwashing", Liang said, "at that time think the brain does not belong to their own", and has "investment" 5 points, nearly 20 thousand yuan, the money will feel a vote to become the boss. The picture shows a portrait of the MLM man painted on the cushion with his pen on hand. These paintings have been kept until now. Bright / figure

" was bright and 12 other people on the floor in a small bedroom to sleep, every day can only eat no cooked Steamed Rice and cabbage root, very hungry to catch grasshoppers to eat. "Two months later, they estimated that I couldn't afford to invest any more." I said, "I'm afraid I'm not in the mood for the others.". "Finally, with the family that is looking for bright.". The picture shows bright brother waiting for rescue.

2013 in August, bright just come out MLM nest in Beijing, with body weight 20 kg, resting at home practicing painting. Bright / figure

for bright, MLM has become his heart most unforgettable pain, the death of Li Wenxing after the incident out of love, he started writing his experience into the MLM, MLM insider revealed.

2008" during the national day, university student Wang Feng received the news that his friend Li, working in Tianjin, invited him to play. When he arrived at his friend's house, he felt sick. Nearly 10 people crowded into a dirty bedroom, and the roommates had some unexpected enthusiasm for pouring tea. After that, the roommates began to lecture, and when they heard the words "five levels, three steps", Wang Feng decided that he was entering a pyramid scheme. When he asked to go home, a "small head" verbal threats to him, asked him to stay seven days. "Usually seven days are a cycle, and they will try to brainwash you in seven days.". "

id_imagebox_7", and "Wang Feng" compromise on the surface, and the plan of escape has already been made in mind. At the end of an outdoor group workout, he ran straight out and jumped into a taxi parked on the street. "They're pyramid schemes. Drive away."! "All the way to the railway station, he found himself not out of control, the station several MLM personnel are looking for him.". Finally, with the help of the police, Wang Feng got on the train home. "They really had no scruples and threatened me before I got on the bus. "

after returning home, Wang Feng told Mike's parents, two parents emotional near collapse, trying to direct to the Tianjin people will be saved, but Wang Feng stopped them," even if you find him, he may not want to he came back, this state has already caved in. "After consultation, they lied that his father had a car accident and Xiao Li was tricked into the hospital. When Xiao Li appeared at the entrance of the hospital, relatives and friends quickly put their car on the train and sent it home directly. Now, Wang Feng and Xiao Li's relationship is still very good, Li Wenxing's event was exposed, Wang Feng and Xiao Li on WeChat to discuss this matter.

, they were prepared for months to deceive me. In 2014, Liu, who was near graduation, received many invitations from his friends. His friend told him he was doing a very good job,
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MLM is witness: hungry to catch grasshoppers eat 100 Brainwashing