The old woman angrily tore the snake for the child's food The families of the rumor: on the way to work was bitten by a snake

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zhongguojiangxiwang· 2017-08-12 06:22:51

the woman was "air raid", acutus assault fury start tearing snakes, just to give his son a dish with … … two days, the news in the media and netizens reproduced the hot sound of fire. However, this is another test of media professionalism.

" as the victim after being bitten by a snake scene

due to his son with a dish and shredded snake "plot, the article in 9 by the media public" long river "to whistle" Shiyan woman was acutus raid anger tear snakes for food "title issued after the child, then by many media outlets. 10, the "Hubei daily" comment on this news has been reproduced as high as thousands of, the topic has also been pushed on micro-blog hot search.

within two days, this incident has become a hot topic among people at leisure.

however, on the 10 night of this incident, many people familiar with the situation came out from the media and called it a "Oolong incident" which was reported by some media".

so, is it true if the snake is only taken to add a dish to his son? What is the truth?

from the media exposed

woman angry tear snakes for son dishes plus

media reproduced, hot friends

8 9, since the media public number the whistle "entitled" Shiyan woman was angry snakes for infants tear air acutus dish "article, immediately triggering hot. Subsequently, many official media have reprinted the news reports, 10, the "Hubei daily" comment on this news has been reproduced as high as thousands of, and was pushed on micro-blog hot search.

" the paper wrote, "Shiyan Zhushan a woman riding a motorcycle in the mountains, a venomous bite will suddenly drop from the clouds from the hand. The woman I thought I could do a dish, for the old son regardless of danger, to fight with the snake. Although she was bitten again in the leg, she eventually killed the snake. The woman for emergency treatment of the wound after the notice of the family, after being rushed to hospital, is now out of danger of … …

in this regard, netizens have comments, most of the peasant's "heroic" acts of praise -

- "soil and water service will take you! Aunt good! "

-" let me think of Wu Song as a fellow tiger, I admire you. "

-" expert! Replaced by someone else, has long been scared dizzy. "But

users also held the attitude of ridicule

- title" funny, funny content, as the snake of silence. "

-" venom to do eat, online wait. "

-" mother, go where I can think of a son. "


family rumor

work on the road encounter snakes bite

did not kill the snake" cook "the idea of

. However, the" legend "story, but not so simple. 10 evening, many netizens who claimed to be informed sources broke the news on the Internet, saying that the news mentioned in time, place, cause through all errors, and part of the media will be reproduced without verification condemnation.

" from the media rumor

for verifying the truth, on the afternoon of 11, Red Star News reporter by making inquiries, contact the parties on the victims of Yang Haimei (a pseudonym) daughter Li Li (a pseudonym).

Li Li told the Red Star reporter, mother Yang Haimei, 47 years old, who lives in Guizhou province Tongren city Yinjiang County paradise town sand dam village. 6 August 7th morning, daybreak, a "snake" quietly appeared on her way to work, because the snake and the pavement color was too close, and hurry to go to work, she was riding a bicycle down the past, not to just the pressure in the snake tail.

"the snake wheel after my mother got caught up, she wanted to use a hand to put the snake off, did not expect the snake in her hand bite. Later, she had to use her left hand to pull the snake, and did not dare to put it down, for fear of being released and bitten. "

," Li Li said. "Then, her mother grabbed the snake's head with her left hand and tied it to her hands and feet to prevent further spread of the toxicity. At the same time, he asked for help from cyclists and called his neighbors. Soon, the neighbor drove to dispose of the snake and sent her to hospital for medical treatment.

Star News reporter before the media reports mentioned in the "mountain born Ms. Chen didn't deal less with the snake", and "that the snake is old son made a good dish" to verify the contents of Li Li, she said, her mother had no experience in dealing with the snake home, and has a brother, but the mother did not "kill the snake for cooking" idea.

" Li Li rumor on micro-blog

matter was informed rumor people and families, many netizens also supports the family, but also have the expression of malicious distorted news facts behavior condemned.


is talking and eating at the hospital.

wants the media to clear up

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