India discovered the "Blue Dog" suspected due to drinking contaminated water

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yangziwanbao· 2017-08-12 11:13:40

" according to the "India" Hindustan Times reported on August 11th, 9 local time, the animal protection organization photographed a dyed blue dog photos on the outskirts of Mumbai, they think the dog's body is blue because of drinking in the river the sewage caused by. 10, the group filed a lawsuit against the state's Pollution Control Committee (MPCB), saying the animals in the area were suffering because industrial companies directly dye the dye into the river.

" animal protection organization members think, in this area the dog turns blue, it is likely that the area was drinking dye contaminated river water. Because the region has nearly 1000 pharmaceutical, food and engineering factories, pollution caused by the river is unknown. The animal protection organization

director Arati Chauhan said: "see the dog turned completely blue is quite shocking, we found 5 similar blue dog here, now we have asked the Commission of these emissions control pollution enterprises pollution action. "

" polluted water may also affect human health. The local municipal company found water in the local rivers containing chloride, which is harmful to plants, aquatic life and wildlife, through water quality tests.

" local officials said: "the dye discharged into any water is illegal, we will take action to combat environmental pollution behavior, because they are destroying the environment. "

animal rights activists said:" so far, we only found a blue dog, but do not know whether the birds, reptiles and other creatures will be affected. "

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