Mao queen end: soldiers suffered ridicule and abuse, was naked punishment beheaded


qulishi· 2017-08-12 12:46:31

qianqin Gautier queen name is Qin Mao clear autumn Gautier Fu Deng's wife. It is said that the queen Mao has a tragic end, as a queen of the country, she finally suffered soldiers taunts and insults, was naked punishment beheaded. What the hell is that all about? This matter should not be delayed., together with the small series.


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is the queen of Mao Qin emperor Fu Deng's wife, she was in the door, beautiful Wu Yi, high strength, Qishe good, there is a match for ten thousand warriors. She and Yao's army rebels, and conform to the wrong direction due to hopelessly outnumbered Gordon, causing her to himself was captured by Yao Jun. Yao Junsheng captured this heroic beauty of the female hero will tread on air after Mao as a trophy, comes back to the camp. Immediately, the queen hair tied up, the soldiers suffered ridicule and humiliation, soldiers eventually led him to Yao Changchu Baogong rope.

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