Apple HUAWEI flagship crazy price! The highest straight down 890 yuan

Tmall HUAWEI apple NOKIA

shoujizhongguo· 2017-08-12 15:57:20

[mobile china news] with the summer vacation is coming to an end, the school season is coming, the major electronic business platform has begun to introduce preferential activities to attract consumers. It is reported that, from from August 14th to 18th, Tmall mall will host the global 3C Home Carnival week, which will have a variety of heavy new aircraft during the start, while Apple and HUAWEI flagship brand will usher in big cuts.

Tmall global 3C appliances Carnival week

according to official reports, "wolf 2" tough guy Wu Jing AGM X2, three mobile phone Barcelona customized version of OPPO R11, and millet 5X, Jin S10 Joker customized version of new machine will start at Tmall mall. In August 18th, NOKIA mobile phone official flagship store will be officially launched Tmall, then NOKIA red 3310 engraved version will be the exclusive debut in Tmall.


Tmall global home appliances Carnival week Tmall said the Tmall global 3C will benefit 1 billion appliances carnival period, each person can receive a maximum of 600 yuan coupons general electric mobile phone. Attention is high 128GB all Netcom, iPhone 7, Plus straight down 890 yuan, as low as 6298 yuan; HUAWEI P10 series, the highest reduction of 400 yuan. Interested friends can pay close attention to it in the near future.

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