Wrong version of the RMB can sell hundreds of thousands? If you take it seriously, you lose

Suspects Beijing RMB children

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, here is a five yuan RMB, the top right corner of the people's Bank of China several words printed down, and if someone tells you that this is the wrong version of the RMB, you can exchange hundreds of thousands of dollars in the market, you believe it?

, there are such a group of swindlers, specializing in using such tricks to defraud the elderly. Recently, the Beijing police reported a series of fraud. Mr. Li Gang

lied to the wrong version of the coins to defraud the elderly 110 thousand

is 85 years old this year, up more than 4 months before the encounter, gas is not one to play, he said that he was cheated, and the first is a man claiming to be his old neighborhood. "He said he was close to the north that lived upstairs, I see this piece of 5 cents a ticket, said the bank can change more than half a million, because this word is printed in reverse."

" Mr. Li said that in fact he did not want to know the old neighborhood, the so-called "old neighborhood" said a friend to sell the wrong version of this coin, see Lee also contacted each other about a bank the staff. "Wearing a suit," he said. "You helped me too.". I asked you why you didn't stay He said I can leave my promotion."

" value of the wrong version of the coins, to the old neighborhood, together with the identification of the staff of the bank, this move and move gradually dispel Mr Li's concerns, Lee then taken out from the bank 110 thousand, bought the wrong version currency.

half a year, 23 old men were deceived, involving more than 300 million

, when the old man with a high price to buy the wrong version of money came to the bank ready to exchange, only to find himself cheated.

Beijing Public Security Bureau Fengtai branch Criminal Investigation Detachment received a report found that in the past six months, the exchange of currency at the wrong version of the name of the implementation of fraud in many districts and counties have occurred in Beijing.

according to statistics, from the beginning of the end of last year, so the number of elderly people cheated as many as 23, involving a total of about 3000000 yuan, of which the majority of those cheated were older than 70 years old men.

" at the same time, the police found that the gang fraud, specifically choose to work time, the purpose is to prevent the elderly children exposed their scams. At the same time, police also found that the choice of fraud suspects mostly avoid surveillance cameras, to find a complete video, evidence is very difficult to do.

forged the wrong version of the coins into the case of the implementation of fraud

in the 23 report, the victim in almost all over the age of 70, many elderly people also can not remember what a liar is long, the police can only find the surveillance video, the 23 locations by combing, finally found a suspect.

police said, the middle-aged people frequently appear in the video, he sometimes plays a bank clerk, sometimes called himself the old neighborhood children involved in the police surveillance video transfer, have the person of figure 80% in the case, the police analysis of this person may be the principal criminal gang.

through the police investigation found that involved a total of six people, the crime when they are a group of three people, one person is responsible for the old neighborhood, the old neighborhood or the children to find the victim, a person responsible for the sale of the wrong version of the coins, and wearing a dress the suspect acted as the bank staff, the gang rented in Hebei of Yanjiao.

in the full grasp of the fraud gang of evidence, the police decided to close the net. 5 in the morning, investigators found that four suspects were on the bus bound for Beijing City, where there are many suspects involved in fraud.

police immediately take action to arrest the suspects, carry the file bag, investigators found a fake bank and notify the wrong version of the coins, the four suspects on suspicion of fraud by the Beijing Fengtai police criminal detention, the police are still looking for the other two suspects.

Video: wrong version of money fraud cracked

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