"Nobody deep space" ushered in a major update, the various versions of a substantial discount

No one is deep empty gamer game

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-12 18:33:52

"no deep space" available for one year, the developers of Hello Games is still in support of the game, they launched the "rise of Atlas" updates in the near future, as "unmanned deep space" has brought many people mode, more than 30 hours of the story and picture on the rise.

" is a multiplayer game player will urge the function of self release of the game, and now it has finally joined the game, game player can be up to 15 and other internationally with the exchange, explore the universe, but Hello Games acknowledged that "the very interactive game player" but as a "first step" in unmanned deep space synchronous collaboration to explore the world of the game player, is worthy of recognition.

update second important part is the new content of the story, the 1.3 update for the "no deep space added a new story" 30 hours, economy, trade and production system will be expanded.

in addition, now the game player can edit the surrounding terrain using "multi function tool", in order to help define and enhance their base; planetary diversity and visual effect are improved; new portals allow game player to explore the past world; space combat and low flying has been a series of improvements, more the ship has been added to the game.

while taking advantage of the update, "no one deep space" has opened a discount on the PS4/Steam/GOG platform. Because the PSN port service "unmanned deep space" did not participate in discount, so the domestic game player is the best choice for Steam and GOG, Steam and GOG in the current game area price 63 yuan, than PSN discount $23.99 US service a lot cheaper.

although the "nobody deep space" at the time of the sale looks like a scam, many players have left the game, but developers are still trying to perfect their work. As one of Steam's analysts said, "since it hasn't given up on itself, why can't we give it a chance?"

source: GameSpot

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