Zhang Ruoyun's stepmother was so amazing when she was young

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, when Zhang and Tang Yixin were throwing dog food, I remember what I liked most about them --

, you followed me when I said, "keep up with me.".

be careful. Two people become a group without care.

, maybe good love is like this.

no matter what happens in the middle, never fear the time.

like long, apart from them, as well as the

Bei Liu.

" to tell the truth, Xiao Bian also recently learned that Bei Liu is a Ruoyun stepmother's identity.

but her love is far more than the "back" word you see.

1967, Bei Liu was born in an artistic family.

father is a director and my mother is a drama actress.

in such a family environment, naturally, since Bei Liu came in contact with the performance.

. At first, she studied Beijing opera.

is the first to follow the Yellow Shixiang teacher Mei school, then gradually learning the way to send

-- yes, there are a drama actor, temperament is always so brilliant.

" although not Kebanchushen, but Bei Liu's acting is good to do not have to say.

for example with the "noble", she got the China TV Golden Eagle Award for best supporting actress.

, at that time the main character is Jiang Shan, very beautiful.

but Bei Liu didn't lose when the two were in the same frame.

" yes, eight, 90s of last century, it is the number of female star Yan ah

value peak may be just a casual moment, you can be an easy job to do s to you.

" and the "Party B" --

movie cover can be aware of how classic.

in the film, Bei Liu plays the role of Zhou Beiyan.

is beautiful and ugly, but it doesn't stop her acting.

1997 Bei Liu, by virtue of this work to win the popular movie Hundred Flowers Award Best Actress award.

prize, get soft, not say.

the key is that the actors who work with her are very special.

, Ge You, Chen Baoguo, Song Dandan, Chen Daoming -

randomly selected one of the great gods worshipped by the performing arts.

", along with these good actors, Bei Liu naturally honed a good acting.

although she has also been scolded by Chen Daoming, "no acting", but it is because of these experiences, Bei Liu and Chen Daoming just slowly developed a revolutionary friendship.

", of course, the establishment of friendship is more than just acting.

, such as Bei Liu's other good friend, Wu Xiubo.

" after graduating from drama for a long time, Wu Xiubo worked as a singer, businessman, also opened a restaurant.

but in many experiences, he has never filmed one.

" don't look at Wu Xiubo has been popular since since the "yuppie" word.

but he didn't accomplish anything at the moment, but he was depressed and untidy.

". He found a small Bei Liu

is almost without thinking, Bei Liu let Wu Xiubo become her manager.

, and later, under Bei Liu's recommendation and guidance, Wu Xiubo returned to the Performing Arts circle.

often referred to the experience -

, even now, Wu Xiubo will also call Bei Liu her life should be the most grateful noble.

low-key acting, steadfast man.

this is something that Bei Liu has been holding on for decades.

is however very distressed, such good quality and not to block all the worries for her.

", in particular
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