Aura does not lose, Dongyu Zhou, why can't she get up?

Chen Yao Zhang Ruoyun Dongyu Zhou Wu Xin the monster killer.

xinyang· 2017-08-12 19:33:22

lost love the oxygen "2" Wu Xin the monster killer is finally beginning to broadcast, in August 14th 8 time on-line. In the first episode, fan died of oxygen. His favorite part was to abandon his wife and husband. For the first time, Zhang Ruoyun and Chen Yao began to be noticed.

to pretend he so quietly affectionate gaze is a sheep!

Chen Yao's face is really good for Lolita!

in particular is just out of the braided Gazi sweat shape, let alone Zhang Ruoyun at first sight, that sheep saw all want to protect her.

second trailer most let the sheep looking forward to is Chen Yao, she this world reincarnation as a man Ding cat, a Shanghai gangster chicha dress! Is a very narcissistic and Yan control male ghost, fusion with the old Yue soul, to be reborn.

", "crazy call" for cats!

" this aura with sweet face, acting is also good, but why is not red?

Chen Yao 94 years girl graduated from Beijing Film Academy. In 2014, Hu Ge signed in, become nuozha younger. The first work is in Chinese made "whirlwind eleven people", as high Lengxue PA. Face natural advantage, but the shape of …

face Rourou, originally the company wants the predecessors with little flowers, unfortunately this drama ratings rate is not high.

" and "Chinese Sohu" Chen Yao Wu Xin the monster killer, with pure harmless looks got the chance, as both Lolita appearance and the inner feeling of the villain Yue qiluo, have to say too much for Chen Yao.

get not to play her ordinary girl Yan, the weird things but lingqibiren.

" every day in the popularization of Chinese traditional handicraft paper-cut!

" dead oxygen the most impressive than Jin Chen and Han Dongjun, but the old Yue that sentence: Zhang Xianzong, I have a toothache.

" with her in this role also won the 2016 golden blossom Award "network Drama Award for best supporting actress, is a good start.

and later in the "green hill" as the female fox fox legend flower, or with a partner Ruoyun. Many think that if Zhang Ruoyun and Chen Yao died of oxygen in cooperation in a modern drama, really play together love Sadomasochism iii..

her fox clear purity is very high, only a few points that face her charm and limitations.

2016" in the new year with the same period Joker nuozha, on the day. Short hair after she is more relaxed, really young is invincible.

" she is also about 170, body is more than 70 pounds, Dongyu Zhou think about 160 weight or 82 pounds. This time already said to eat more, gain some weight.

first starred in the youth idol drama "Youth" as the original author of the novel micro Zheng, praised the Magnolia docking said: "Chen Yao is promising, although she is very young, but in the eyes of a drama, after seeing her performance. Do I expect". This is as polite compliment.

doesn't know the fairies have seen a few, but they're crazy

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