Everyone is self disciplined. What's the use of traffic lights? Men criticized police

Traffic lights electric cars Xuzhou

jiangsuguangdianrong· 2017-08-12 19:40:40

can't go non motorized vehicle lane, which as we all know, but yesterday morning, Xuzhou Jianguo Road, when the traffic police on a car traveling in the vehicle lane vehicle punishment when riding a man but then the police criticized.

man", "everyone is self disciplined," what will you do with the traffic lights? You see, opposite electric cars take the motorized lane. You can't see people breaking the law. You follow the law. What's the point? What's the logic? You can take off your uniform, I can manage.

had criticism, men also asked the police to the police recorder video uploaded to the internet.

" may be said to be tired, the man asked the police to help take care of the electric car, but he went to have breakfast.

man: here, here, you help me look, I go to eat breakfast

after more than 10 minutes of debate, the man still refused to accept the penalty, the final selection of two hours of security education.

Xuzhou Quanshan police traffic police brigade police in the enforcement process we met, what do not understand, can go to the legal department of the public security organs at higher levels, we complain, we do not advocate like the man, and the police in the enforcement process we vexatious in.

(edit Zhang Yu)

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