"The most beautiful stalker" has been found! This sentence is more shocking than the picture

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, the most beautiful stalker, has found it!

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After running

" in this photo from the Sichuan Armed Police Corps detachment of thirteen squadron sergeant Zhang Guoquan aba. After the

earthquake, he began his rescue with the troops for the first time, when he had been on the rescue for more than 40 hours. In a landslide mountain, he took the task of transferring tourists. The moment the danger came, he used all his strength to carry the tourists back out of the landslide.

Zhang Guoquan

"just rushed to the"

Zhang Guoquan (right) are carrying relief supplies (photo: Wang Jian)

twists and turns, finally a telephone interview to a monitor I — —

reporter Xiao Zheng said: "his photos of the fire, he himself didn't know".

what's your first instinct when you run back?

's first instinct is security; well, · · · ·

; · · you were scared?

started to the scene is still afraid, there are a lot of rolling stones around, saw the tourists, people ran around when not moving, just think rushed, rushed to the moment is not what to fear, not feeling myself numb.

how long have you been on the scene?

Zhang squad leader said, "they have just returned from the scenic area, basically where there is danger, we go where.". From the beginning of the earthquake there has been rescue, there is no rest time.

retrograde is their devotion to duty.

online has a lot of people saying that our fighters are heroes, but in the minds of our soldiers, they are not heroes, ‘ retrograde ’ they are loyal to their duties.

", "," class=, fire me for victory. "this sentence as if ringing in the ears, for the motherland and the people to fight with the enemy SheShengWangSi, fight at outrance.

who are you, for whom?.

90 magnificent, the soldiers have been using practical action in answer.

90 years of trials and hardships, the army has been one of the most lovely people.

net friend comments:

language really YU: soldiers and we are the same, are born and raised by the mother, are the body where the fetus. Soldiers and we do not like, they shoulder carry a responsibility, a kind of play. In the mind is engraved with a mission and a strong. Dear comrade in arms, salute to you!

LJ Kang Bo: experience to know how dangerous this environment was to play in Sichuan, from Barkam to Seda met after the collapse, the danger zone the whole car would get off the bus run, think now is still a lingering fear.

Yu brother once King: since the choice of camouflage, will choose a different direction to

Chinese Youth Daily (ID:zqbcyol), Chinese consolidate from the army newspaper reporter in the network, people's armed police, Sina micro-blog

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"The most beautiful stalker" has been found! This sentence is more shocking...

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