Confrontation between China and India Bhutan belong to India long hole position was hit in the face

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" according to the "India today" reported that the foreign minister of Bhutan today (11 days) met with India's foreign minister Svard Raj in Kathmandu (Sushma Swaraj), said that the hole Lang can "peacefully resolve friendly confrontation".

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Bhutan meets with the foreign minister of India: hope for a peaceful settlement of

reported in the border confrontation situation continued, India's foreign minister Svard Raj 11 in Kathmandu to attend the BIMSTEC (multi sectoral technical and economic cooperation plan for the bay of Bengal) foreign ministers' meeting, and the Bhutanese foreign minister Dorji (Damcho Dorji) meeting. The two sides discussed the long confrontation between the two sides of the cave. At a news conference after the meeting, Bhutan's foreign minister said, "we hope that the situation in the cave will be resolved peacefully and amicably."".

reported that this was the first meeting between the foreign ministers of India and Bhutan since the outbreak of the hole crisis. This is the first official sounding of Bhutan since June 29th.

previously according to "India express" reported on 10, India official news that border the Indian army has entered the "no war" mode, the Indian army has no obvious dispatching military and weapons, if any action is just to maintain the status quo".

"India express" in 4 reported that India's foreign ministry said in a statement to the media, "we will continue to negotiate with China through diplomatic channels, to find a mutually acceptable solution," and that "with Bhutan's coordination and consultation continues".

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; India forced Bhutan hole problem Lang stand but was splashed in the world belong to the highest national happiness index of cold water

Bhutan is known, keep quiet and peaceful state for many years, India was dragged into this field a dangerous confrontation, and repeatedly by the India media to use.

, according to media reports by the India Press Trust, Chinese officials said in a reception with a media delegation in India: "Bhutan has already admitted that the Sino Indian confrontation is not a territory of Bhutan.". Reported that the India media anxious to go to Bhutan to say, asked Bhutan to make a statement. In a telephone interview with India's Asian international news agency, a government official said 10 days ago that the government of Bhutan's position on the area was clear, and could be referred to a public statement by the government of bhutan in the official website of the Ministry of foreign affairs. Bhutan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the construction of roads within Bhutan's territory is a direct violation of bilateral agreements, which will affect the process of demarcation of the border between the two countries.

reported the incident to the India media

although there are a lot of media in India happily "Bhutan denied that the territory is not long hole in Bhutan" as the title, as for China won a diplomatic victory again, but in the eyes of the outside world, it is more like a the field of regional hegemony performance. Reported that the India media anxious to go to Bhutan, "to say", asked Bhutan to make a statement, and Bhutan's position is quite official.

the India media sent the government of Bhutan to inquire about the matter and the response was: our position was very clear. The announcement was made on June 29th by the website of Bhutan's Ministry of foreign affairs.

the meeting between foreign ministers of Bhutan and foreign minister of India was the first meeting of two people after the confrontation between India and china. In view of the fact that the media in India have recently forced Bhutan to take a stand on the long confrontation between the Bhutan and Bhutan, and hope that Bhutan will increasingly be able to stand up to help Bhutan fight against Chinese aggression, the platform, the talks have been much anticipated in India. But to the media's disappointment, the correspondent in Bhutan simply expressed the hope that the confrontation between the peace and the peace could be resolved peacefully". India

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; continuing clamor; allegedly, Indian sources, the India government is trying to take two "diplomacy" to solve the crisis of confrontation between China and India, there are two options: the first option is to replace the India military confrontation in Bhutan military region, the China and Bhutan army troops, but worried about this will provide the impetus to Bhutan in direct contact with Chinese, with the Chinese establishment of diplomatic relations; the second is to extend the confrontation between the time until November, said that "with the coming of winter, the region's climate deterioration, make any military action difficult".

| intends to increase another 200 billion defense budget print media: good preparations for war

8 8, India media launched a provocation". India's Ministry of defense intends to add an additional 200 billion rupees to its budget during the confrontation between China and India, the report said today in India. The report also speculated in the headlines that the move was intended to prepare for war.

reported that India's defense ministry has sought an additional defense budget of 200 billion rupees (about 21 billion 56 million yuan) to meet budget needs. "In the initial annual appropriation, about 50% of the capital budget and more than 1/3 of the revenue budget have been spent," India's Defense Ministry sources said. "

, the India media even called it a move," in order to make the India army ready for war, in order to cope with 10 days of short duration of intense war".

India arms procurement has recently entered the "buy off" period". A few weeks ago, the Ministry of defence in India had adopted the request of the deputy chief of staff of the army's urgent procurement of ammunition, mines, and standby items deemed to be of major importance for operations, to speed up the procurement process and reduce the period

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