The high-speed rail line from Shanghai to Guiyang breaks down and passengers travel halfway

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ZAKERguiyang· 2017-08-12 19:41:10

8 11, from Shanghai Hongqiao to Guiyang G1327 high-speed EMU trains: a rare scene on the road suddenly broke down, the car mechanic emergency disposal, decelerating to train in front of the station. All car passengers are forced to change to another train of the same type.

according to Guiyang evening news all media reporters, the train arrived in GuiYang North Railway Station on August 12th morning, 3 hours later, 20 minutes. The incident also caused the Shanghai Kunming high rail line on the other dozens of EMU affected.

Guiyang Liu passengers on the day the G1327 train ride back to Guiyang from Shanghai, witnessed the whole process of the event experience. "

" the train was fully occupied from Shanghai, Hongqiao, and I bought first class tickets. Liu said, the train at 11:39 on the morning of 11 minutes on the departure from Shanghai, Hongqiao, all the way running normally. Around 13:50 p.m., just about 3 minutes after the train left Zhejiang Jinhua station, an emergency brake suddenly stopped. At that time, the train was still in a state of power - the socket under the seat was out of power, the air-conditioner was out, and only the lights in the car were still on.

" Mr. Liu said, then he saw uniformed conductor and mechanic back and forth, should be in the emergency treatment. The passengers heard from their mouths that the train was out of order. "Many passengers complain that the train is not safe on the track. A few minutes later, the machine got off from car No. 1.

about more than 30 minutes later, the train resumed power supply. After another 10 minutes or so, the train began to run. "Surprisingly, the speed of the motor vehicle is very slow, and the top speed is only 38 km. "Mr. Liu said that the train had also made a brief stop at Long You Railway Station, but it did not open the door to passengers.

" according to Mr. Liu told the Guiyang evening news media reporters, a train with the speed of more than 30 kilometers per hour running about 2 hours after arriving in Zhejiang, QuZhou Railway Station. Carriage broadcasting said that due to train failure has been unable to normal operation, the need to change trains at the QuZhou Railway Station.

train arrived at QuZhou Railway Station for about 5 minutes. The passenger train of Nanchang Railway Bureau (CRH380A) arrived at platform one, and the whole car was about 500 passengers. Then the passengers changed their seats and took their seats.

"there is no lunch box, instant noodles and other food, many passengers are hungry, only endure.". "Mr. Liu said, probably because the train temporarily assume the running tasks, there was no more meal service car, until 1.5 hours after that day at 19 in the afternoon, the train arrived at the Nanchang railway station, the car has been catering.

8 12, 24 am, G1327 train finally arrived at GuiYang North Railway Station. The train is 3 hours and 20 minutes behind schedule.

few passengers said: "this thing we meet, is the probability of winning the lottery … …", "civil aviation late and some compensation, compensation for passenger train delays should be … &hellip

;" Guiyang evening news media reporters call the Shanghai iron 12306 railway customer service center, customer service staff said she on behalf of the railway department apologized to the G1327 train passengers. The cause of the train failure is the problem of the EMU itself or the power failure of the catenary, and it is not clear yet. In addition, the delay in compensation for the train, the railway sector has not yet relevant regulations. Guiyang evening news reporter


" by the passengers
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