Li Xiang said that people can Poser?

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shenbashenyebagua· 2017-08-12 20:44:01

The day before yesterday, Li Xiang

on the dinner, but a burst of some three words: aniseed [actress Poser!!!] ah ah who? "

, let's go back to the more than a dozen years ago: fly from Beijing and a big star of the plane was late, the makeup time hit the rehearsal time

big do not want to show in the rehearsal strategy, while still live, but the day of the "happy fax" this game must rehearse with

" left and right of the other guests have finished rehearsal, Zhei big or not shrink out in the dressing room, producer Angry...

", no more! Believe tomorrow all the headlines are you guawazi Poser!!!

big seconds... Less than ten minutes from the dressing room. Ha ha ha ha ha

" originally things here ended, did not think well versed in entertainment routine Cai old driver took a long time make-up mouth: XXX, must be three words the female star!!!

Li Xiang is not too big thing ah... Broke several clues: it's red

" and you will often see!!!!!!!

" finally determined, this is Beijing, from the year has been red to now, the name is three characters of big female stars....

. Who the hell is id_imagebox_10? We can determine the actress in [] happy fax this game, that is at least 98 years He Jiong came back, when the fast really walk the entertainment line

[said at the time the fast or live broadcast, live only until well [2002] ↓

" so our range is reduced to 98 to 02 years [domestic red and red to now three words that only actress], four denier double ice hot level all is enough?

users give out three name, Fan Bingbing Ruby Lin Zhang Ziyi

said Fan Bingbing, because she is 99 as a pearl crew as soon as this, with a preset period of time ↓

Zhei and three people inside now is the most active fan, with [often] now the standard

but Fan Bingbing really red up after 03 years. A golden to red long, 98-02 Wuli Fan Ye entertainment still struggling on the edge of Na

and sister can make to this coffee from overwhelming in black history low EQ, absolutely not, ye may be in the trough also dare to offend the mango open (~ ~ part)

and Ruby Lin, she'd have been red, also from time to time from a "Poser news"

" but millet was broke in the big fly from Beijing. 02 years ago, as the main battlefield of heart sister should be in the bay. ~

" and they are not hungry hard to hammer Zhang Ziyi... 98 years Zhang Ziyi played "my father mother" fame, was the movie the

" this year because of her husband and child what is constantly on the headlines, [often]

" the most important thing happened in 2002, she had a book in the "suspected fast Poser" news and

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