Stephen Chow wants to shoot "Kung Fu 2", must have him

Ng Man Tat Stephen Chow Kung Fu movies

tanzi· 2017-08-12 20:44:27

Stephen Chow movie with his "nonsense" show to the audience countless laughter and moved, and his latest works "Mermaid" before 3 billion 300 million at the box office to refresh the Chinese film box office record.

" but this July, Wu Jing carried his "action" era "wolf 2" successfully gains Yeh champion, released only half broken 4 billion, with action passion detonated throughout the summer.

Yeh is "far behind" ah, said he is now ready to film "Kung Fu" 2 friends, Tian Qiwen also revealed that the film will start in 9 and October. Ma is also likely to be a supporting actor.

"Kung Fu" since the release to more than 10 years ago, reputation is still the lever, everybody wants Ng Man Tat to "tie up", it is expected to overtake the "wolf 2"?

", "Ng Man Tat", has been a supporting actor for decades, called "gold supporting role" and "the best green leaves in Hongkong"".

and Yeh TERT up this group of CP is recognized, each collocation, can be said to be "a seamless heavenly robe.".

"no matter from the final combat" to "the winner", from the "king of beggars" to "do not", or from "God of cookery" to "Shaolin Soccer", this scene can be called a classic.

users basically think: t-tat and Yeh is a perfect match, two people will be able to shoot a fit.

, but it seems difficult for the two to fit together.

Yeh film "Kung Fu" when there is invited as brother, but when Ng Man Tat schedule is full, so unfortunately could not attend.

has looked up brother Yeh beat other movies, but was rejected, there are rumors that Ng Man Tat Stephen Chow broke the relationship between two people, no relationship.

" is in fact not there are contradictions between the two, then Stephen Chow also invited Ng Man Tat in several degrees, only Ng Man Tat was found in heart failure cardiac function only 3 more time in poor health, so only push off.

Chi Chung Lam on the program also explained to everyone.

"tablet" West fell monsters but also invited him, uncle is unwell, so you don't come.

" in an interview with Ng Man Tat also to clarify this opinion: if I die, he (Stephen Chow) has not retired, we will cooperate in order to win a round of applause from the audience.

" that, after the body has been sick brother than ever before, after storm lost 30 pounds, "beer belly" is to get rid of you.

" my time is up, we gradually grew up, and the company spent his childhood in the old man ~

"Shaolin Soccer", owe a t-tat Yeh self supporting, "Kung Fu" after I owe us a protagonist, the China film, help users are really looking forward to Ng Man Tat.

" as the brother and hope Yeh gold partner fit again, continue your "nonsense"

" Yeh also look forward to the release of the film, a week, Wu Duo to the screen!

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