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if the traditional air-conditioning, you need to air conditioning compressor, huge radiator, etc., most of all, the need for complex calculation. For example, the compressor start-up power need to correspond to the larger capacitor, as well as the central control PCB, professional pipeline sealing, etc., it is too complicated, and the final price may exceed the finished air conditioner. Another

can make it easier to get cooler on the remaining semiconductor refrigeration piece, but this kind of thing for power demand is relatively high, relatively low refrigeration ratio, that is cold quantity obtained usually need to release energy to heat several times. Another feature of semiconductor cooling chips is that as long as the thin one is hot and cold, they are on both sides at the same time. Apart from the radiator, the volume is very small.

" this kind of thing is very easy to find in Taobao, different models have different cooling power and current demand, so the output power calculated power required for 12V needs in the choice of the semiconductor refrigeration piece.

the last choice is through a variety of comparative models for the semiconductor refrigeration piece 12709, maximum refrigeration power is 82W, the maximum current of 9A, bought a total of eight pieces, the total power consumption of refrigeration piece is 656W, the power output of 1000W power to the load reaches 60% or so is appropriate. Just a certain hand has a Segotep Kunlun power supply, can reach the output power of 1080W, used in this air-conditioning, the most appropriate . Do not hesitate to spend money

refrigeration power equipment general

crazy to buy air conditioning at about 1100W, while the hot strip cooling plate total cooling power at 656W, although only half of the 1P air conditioning, but fortunately the room is not large, the theory should be enough. With the semiconductor refrigeration piece people know that the factors that impact the effect of its power in addition to refrigeration, there is heat, so in the building cooling system on the hot strip design a non circulating cooling system.

traditional water cooling system, regardless of separation or integration, water coolant is confined to the internal circulation, in a closed state heat conduction. While the non circulating cooling system of the hot strip design will be the water cooler is omitted, directly to the water in the water into the water head, then do not need to cycle, the hot water is directly discharged (most of the cases are collected two times). Although the

water is relatively easy to obtain high specific heat capacity of liquid, but if the use of circulating cooling water system, water temperature will lead to more and more high, and if with the air conditioner outdoor unit the same, the whole system will be faced with more trouble and water need waterproof fan, large cooling and high lift pumps, will undoubtedly increase the huge cost, so the use of small water tap water is relatively cost-effective. The tap water pressure in the water pipe is very big, so you don't have to worry about the lift at all.


in the water tank and water pump cooling, it must use the circulation type, DIY commonly used water cooler is the best choice has the characteristics of low price, easy to operate, in order to achieve the best effect, this article chose 360mm cold and hot exhaust also select one tank pump, can achieve a 5M head. However, the director of channel graphics Gigi know after the hot strip air conditioner manufacturing plan, they resorted to ZOL ancestral 360mm copper water cooler, so cold row number reached two, theoretically cold effect will be increased.


water cooling ancestral selection for the M type channel length of 200mm, compared to the U channel has a larger contact area, can make the heat medium heat transfer more fully. Since both heat and cold require temperature conduction, each refrigerator requires two cold heads, four in all. As for what three links ah, pagoda ah, what, according to the demand to buy it, count, a total of how many interfaces on the line, it is best to make up the global brain, the specific amount.




[great error of thermocouple sensor

although cooling by non circulating cooling system, but scattered cold, we need a drum fan like indoor machine like, in order to be more muted, only the drum fan air volume for the 350m3/H specifications the fan blades at both ends of the shaft. Bearing is provided with a damping rubber ring, test run time than the indoor air conditioner 600m3/H volume more quiet, when purchasing is selected with governor packages, between temperature and noise have a more balanced regulation of . In order to be able to test the effect, thermometer naturally is essential thing, but fortunately, as long as five yuan, buy at a breath

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