If the situation in North Korea gets out of hand, the consequences will be unimaginable

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foreign media quoted the former U.S. officials and experts, and the north of any new military conflicts are likely to quickly upgrade to the point of use of nuclear weapons, causing huge casualties since the end of World War II and the world has never seen to bring incalculable economic losses.

Reuters in August 10th, they said, although the state for more than 60 years the United States has been calm and North Korea maintained an uneasy, tensions are not fresh, but full of gunpowder between President Trump and the recent play fast and loose Korean speech so that both the risks of miscalculation upgrade, this misjudgment may make the nightmare come true.

"Trump and Kim Jeong-eun photos (CNN)

experts cautioned that the loud threats may increase the risk of miscarriage of justice, and this may lead to misjudgment over 1950-1953 Korean War conflict.

even if the conventional conflict will lead to huge casualties, because North Korea has deployed thousands of artillery in the Korean border, of which at least 1000 door can hit the densely populated South Korean capital of Seoul and the central region, inhabited by about 25 million people.

of Agence France-Presse in August 10th of the confrontation in the latest upgrade to the world in an uncomfortable, caused by the decline in the stock market, the state of extreme nervousness. observers are publicly about the existence of nuclear conflict risk really.

USA will use nuclear bombs in the war? The latest findings from the Stanford University are staggering,

The Pentagon has drawn up detailed plans for possible clashes with North Korea and has worked with South Korean colleagues for years on some of these plans. But reports suggest that any kind of military confrontation with a country with more than 1 million active military personnel would be a huge risk.

the United States has 28 thousand and 500 military personnel in South Korea, while Seoul is from the border with the South Korean border; — — where North Korea has massed a large number of artillery units; — — only about 55 kilometers. Even limited artillery and rocket attacks could cause heavy casualties in the city.

"picture: March 17th, U.S. Secretary of state Tillerson arrived in the demilitarized zone of Panmunjom, North Korean soldiers photographed through the window.

experts warn that any conflict will escalate rapidly, resulting in a major change in the global economy and a massive population loss. Matisse, the US Secretary of defense, has repeatedly warned of devastating results, saying it will be "different from anything we have seen since the end of the Korean War in 1953."". The prospect of North Korea's nuclear weapons makes the potential outcome even more dangerous.

the war intensified Chinese continued slobber issued a "voice of reason"

foreign media said this week, Trump threatened to "fire and fury poured on North Korea", Pyongyang is in turn threatened to launch missile attacks against the United States of Guam, which further strengthened the Chinese reckless discussion about america.

the U.S. Washington Post website on August 11th,

China believes that this position of the United States can only promote Pyongyang to step up nuclear weapons program.

"China ambassador Liu Jieyi called for a" double up "to promote the solution of the nuclear issue.

Trump's threat speech just gave China the perfect platform to show its own rational voice; — — especially as it just agreed with the international community to step up the sanctions against the dprk. "China is very disappointed," said Shi Yinhong, a professor at Renmin University of China. China has just made a compromise, but the president of the United States has botched it."

"China daily" published an editorial, the talks should not threatened each other, the two sides accuse each other of this "into a vicious spiral of distrust and hostility, is the biggest obstacle to resolving the Korean crisis".

, the Wall Street journal website on August 11th

, this week, Trump and North Korea issued a military threat to each other, prompting the Chinese foreign ministry to call on both sides to exercise restraint. Chinese official warned that such comments will worsen the situation, and urged the two sides to return to rational. Experts say China is weighing options to prevent any deliberate or accidental clashes.

"picture: North Korean Yongbyon facility was destroyed (Han Lianshe)

reported that North Korea has repeatedly urged the Chinese recognize each other's security concerns, to avoid provocations. China urges North Korea to suspend its nuclear guidance program and calls on South Korea and the United States to suspend joint military exercises, hoping to facilitate negotiations. Experts say China still wants the United States to relax its conditions for negotiations with North korea.

German "Commercial Daily" web site on August 10th,

Trump openly to North Korea issued a war threat. Pyongyang responded to the attack on Guam. China advocates peace and stability.

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