Eggplant eat this, more than 10 pairs of drugs, but also whitening anti-aging, will eat to earn

Eggplant eats like this. It is better than 10 pairs of medicine. It can also whiten and fight senili

hulianwang· 2017-08-12 21:12:02

the weather is stuffy and hot,

accidentally, the body will appear a variety of problems,

don't mess with medicine, an eggplant is enough!

delicious and health , a simple and effective

saved a lot of money to buy medicine

eggplant six functions of


heat hot summer to eat eggplant. Eggplant as seasonal vegetables not only healthy, but also can heat jieshu.

is different from the fruit of cucumber, eggplant tastes very refreshing, heat it down, but from the inside of the antipyretic refreshing, eat eggplant, prickly heat, boils and other diseases will never find you!

2: whitening, anti-aging,

eggplant, rich in vitamin E, can eliminate free radicals, effective against aging, but also dilute the stain, promote whitening. Daily eating eggplant, not only wrinkles faded, pigmentation, dark circles have gradually disappeared!

3: anti fatigue, lipid-lowering,

eggplant contains saponins compounds, not only antipyretic, sedation, but also to regulate the body, effective anti fatigue, but also reduce blood lipids it?. Eating greasy and tired office workers, must eat more eggplant!

4: heat hemostasis, Xiaozhongzhitong

is not only a hot and dry summer, autumn is the same! Dry hot days, hemorrhoids friends in trouble, just eat eggplant can relieve the symptoms of recurrent bleeding.

5: prevention of stomach

eggplant contain solanine, has inhibitory effect on tumor of digestive system, but also can control the stomach.

6: cardiovascular protection

eggplant is rich in vitamin P, can enhance the human cell adhesion, but also enhance the capillary elasticity, prevent the rupture of blood vessels, therefore cardiovascular is not good friends, you can eat eggplant.

eggplant is not only good health, but also a good effect!

alleviate these 10 diseases, super use

alleviate these 10 diseases

1: hernia

will be 4, 5 fresh eggplant pedicle, decoction take thick juice, with white sugar water can be served.

2: rheumatoid arthritis

take eggplant root 15g water, take it once a day. Or 90g eggplant root with 500ml white wine, soaked 3 days after taking, 15ml each time, two times a day, a week can bear fruit.

3: diarrhea

take eggplant root 15g, with 3G pomegranate skin, water decoction can be used to treat diarrhea.

4: oral ulcer

will be placed after the cream dried eggplant, grind into fine end, smear on the affected area one or two times to heal.

5: mammary gland discomfort,

will be dried eggplant, grind into fine end, coupled with Vaseline, stir evenly, external application of the affected area can relieve mastitis.

6: chapped skin,

will be dried eggplant after baking, dry with sesame oil deployment evenly coated on the affected area can be.

7: frostbite

should match 10 eggplant roots, coupled with 3G pepper, washed with water after the affected area, you can prevent frostbite, but if the affected area has been ulcerated inflammation, it should not be used to stimulate this.

8: the old rotten foot

with fresh purple eggplant skin external application of the affected area, two times a day, at first there will be reaction, a week or so can ease.

9: toothache,

eggplant root into the juice, smear on the affected area, or with the comb soup, rinse your mouth, and then burn Chen Qiegen ash deposited in the affected area.


cream with hematochezia eggplant eggplant stalk burning of late, a day of fasting with warm wine Chongbo 10g, or 10 pieces of tomato leaf water decoction, can alleviate hematochezia.

eggplant can not only health care

more is to let people unable to hide greeds delicacy!

eggplant regimen diet

1: eggplant steamed chrysanthemum

ingredients: purple eggplant, chrysanthemum, 10g, vinegar, salt, sesame oil,

first step: wash the aubergine, cut into strips. Remember to take a skin to eat eggplant, nutrition is in the skin!

second step: the chrysanthemum wash and boil, made chrysanthemum soup, filter out chrysanthemum, leave soup.

third step: the eggplant bar into the bowl, pour into the chrysanthemum soup, water steamed.

about 15~20 minutes, add a proper amount of salt, vinegar, sesame oil seasoning, delicious and health!

efficacy: Ziyin Pinggan, heat eyesight, strong anger and presbyopia friends can eat.

2: eggplant fried bitter gourd

ingredients: eggplant, bitter gourd, pepper, salt, garlic.

the first step: wash and cut the eggplant and slice the bitter melon.

second step: pour oil in the pan, saute the garlic and chilli, and then pour into the eggplant and bitter gourd in turn.

third step: eggplant translucent, bitter gourd soft, after adding salt seasoning, you can pan.

efficacy: balsam pear can invigorate Qi, invigorate Yang, clear the mind, improve eyesight, relieve fatigue, and delay senility. Eggplant can invigorate the circulation of blood, relieve pain, clear the swelling and relieve diuresis, and can also stabilize blood pressure and prevent rupture of blood vessels. The two are best suited for cardiovascular patients.

even so much small eggplant daily consumption should be how to choose

measure to select good eggplant

1: press the

click on the eggplant, if can quickly rebound that is fresh, if playing up is not fresh, do not buy. It's fresh eggplant that goes down quickly; it's not fresh when it goes down.

2: a weigh

eggplant must buy solid

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