It's full of treasure! Li Shizhen said that after the beginning of autumn eat it out of all, don't know

Its body is a treasure Li Shizhen said that after the beginning of autumn eat it all. I don't know

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"a treasure lotus, autumn Lotus' s reinforcements." After the beginning of autumn, lotus root is on the table all.

lotus is not only delicious, but cap-a-pie is treasure, different parts of the effect is different. Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" commented: "it is a doctor, but all". It can be seen that lotus root has a great effect.


* Bupi Liangxue lotus lotus root is fluid cooling, fever, thirst, hot people fit to eat;

* cooked lotus in spleen and blood, spleen and stomach and digestive function of poor people should eat;

. Lotus root starch is both nutritious and easy to digest, nourishing and appetizing effect.

eat soup juice,

if it will effect fluid cooling, fresh lotus root slices or pieces, with the juicer and drinking.

if you take the spleen function, you can put some lotus in the soup, such as lotus, lotus duck stewed pork ribs soup, lotus pig's trotters soup, have a good effect in autumn.

try to choose fresh lotus root, with black fungus, ginger and other seasonings, stew for 3 hours, when the pot and then sprinkle some salt can.

pick lotus smell a look at two

at three touch: to select a lotus root hypertrophy, no injury, no color, no rust, continue to buy the Lotus Festival, don't seem overly white lotus block.

two smell: normal lotus root has a fresh aroma, "bleaching lotus root", fine smell, there will be the flavor of chemical reagents.

three touch: normal lotus root surface with sediment, and with a sense of roughness, and "bleaching lotus root" surface is relatively smooth and moist.

2 lotus seed tonifying spleen and kidney,

lotus seed can supplement spleen, diarrhea, nourishing heart and kidney, etc. it is suitable for people suffering from weakness of spleen and stomach, mild insomnia, palpitation and so on.

will eat lotus porridge lotus seeds soaked in water to swell, surface cleaning, removing the lotus heart washed into the pot, add water Lanshu, spare.

the amount of panning clean, into the pot add water boiled porridge, porridge cooked mixed with lotus seeds, stir, hourbeforebedheattaking.

3 lotus heart step-down heart

, lotus heart can help reduce blood pressure, but also clear heat, soothe the nerves, strong heart, detoxification effect.

to eat lotus seed heart tea,

take lotus root 3~5 grams per day (supermarket or Chinese medicine store are sold), boiled water after brewing tea drinking.

4 lotus Jiangzhijianfei

lotus leaf can antipyretic dampness is good slimming, even easy to get angry, constipation can drink tea. Modern pharmacological research also shows that lotus leaf has the function of lowering blood pressure, reducing blood fat and reducing weight.

eat lotus leaf tea,

amount of dried lotus leaves (supermarket or Chinese medicine stores are sold), boiled water to drink.

or lotus leaf porridge: take a fresh lotus leaf, lotus leaf wash decoction, and then soup with rice or mung bean porridge boiled together, can add a little sugar to drink.


lotus stem lotus stem Qi dampness to heat, Qi, dampness, dampness effect is better than the lotus leaf.

eat lotus stem yam porridge

recommend a good therapeutic side of spleen dampness: yam, white lentils, Gorgon fruit, lotus stem (available in pharmacies) 10 grams, 30 grams of barley, not particularly accurate.

barley, white lentils, Gorgon will soak for a long time, on the pressure cooker, add some rice. When cooked to eight mature, yam cut Ding, add together with the lotus stem, yam to soft drink it. Drink two or three times a week.

is a treasure lotus, autumn Lotus' s reinforcements. So for autumn food must be recommended to friends, autumn eat lotus root, lotus seeds, lotus... Stop all diseases, health and longevity!

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