The three parts of the human body determine life and death!

The three parts of the human body determine life and death

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We set up a set of two

human circulating pipeline, a blood vessel is running; the other is a set of a lymphatic lymph circulation, it not only has the structure of tight, there is a unique function, and blood circulation together, side by side to maintain human health.

however, people tend to pay more attention to the former, while ignoring the latter, it is very regrettable, because the lymphatic system is the core of supervisor to maintain the immune system and the function of human body health, it is to ensure the health of the simple and basic prerequisites.

the greatest threat to human health is

, which is derived from toxin

, in which there are about ten billion lymphocytes in a healthy human body, and lymphocytes are divided into T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes. Both come from the bone marrow, but T cells are formed in the thymus, whose main function is to engulf foreign invaders. The most important function of

B cells is to produce a wide variety of antibodies, such as weapons within a team, so that we can resist foreign invaders. The

lymph circulation gives the toxin a full chance to touch the surface of the body's powerful detoxifying cells. More than 99% of soluble toxins and metabolic waste can be removed by the lymphatic system.

if the accumulation of poison is the root of the disease, the construction of the elimination of poison is the starting point of health.

human body three lymph decide life and death,

must pay attention to

, our body's lymphatic system is very large, of which the most responsive to our health is neck lymph, axillary lymph, inguinal lymph. They can determine your life and death.

1 neck lymph

is associated with the arteries, cervical vertebrae, shoulders, neck, clavicle, and the armpits, lymph, and head. It is sufficient to see its importance.

dredge neck lymph benefits:

1, improve sleep, dizziness, headache, facial complexion, dull yellow, matte.

2, periarthritis of shoulder, neck and shoulder pain, ease of stiff neck, loss of memory.

3, poor circulation of the brain, inadequate blood supply to the blood supply.

4, neck lymph node enlargement, long pox.

5, easy to form melanin, precipitate long spot.

6, prevention of Alzheimer's disease, heart and brain disease.

7, improve sore throat, improve double chin.

8 and chin modeling.

2 axillary lymph nodes,

, chest, arms, meridians, shoulders, neck are closely related.

for women, axillary lymph nodes are especially important. You know who had breast cancer, with axillary lymph removed together.

axillary lymph node obstruction can directly lead to breast cancer!

when you find the nipple and areola is getting dark, when you find the nipple, when you find the chest pain often (not all Chinese say the pain is not pain), said your chest health has been winding down.

dredge armpit lymph benefits:

1, improve chest pain, promote human metabolism, detoxification.

2, prevention of chest diseases. Send

3, lymph nodes, and improve the color of dark.

4 accessory.

5, metabolism of waste toxins in the chest.

6, reduce armpit waste fat, exhaust gas.

7, enhance immunity, enhance the heart blood supply function.


is the inguinal lymph lymph detoxification system the maximum reproductive system, when women have fibroids, ovarian cyst, cervical erosion, irregular menstruation, and a series of symptoms, all from inguinal lymph blockage;

you can observe everything inguinal lymph is blocked, you can use the hand rub groin, inner feeling the pain and inguinal node clean, or walk and climb the stairs to weak legs, can also affect the kidney.

we scattered the groin lymph, and it's good for ourselves:

1, metabolism of the toxins in the pelvic cavity.

2, improve renal function, female reproductive health.

3, improve lower extremity obesity.

4, improve gynecological fibroids, ovarian cysts.

5, palace clearing blood, row palace poison, improves the gynecology department inflammation.

6, improve cold hands and feet.

7, improve the circulation of lower limbs, inguinal swelling.

8, improve the numbness of legs and feet.

lymph massage can help! This massage method


us is the best method of lymph Lymph Massage: total body weight of 16%, under the massage after in vivo flow smoothly, cleanse the body of toxins and other dirt, so as to the efficacy of the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases! A method of

side pulling massage neck lymphatic system

method to clear the lymph lymph extends from the ear to shoulder from behind the ear acupoint (ear has a large lymph point, press will have that part of soreness is started; can also be

) carry out press from top to bottom, until the scapula, and then press the pause a few seconds, then relax, repeat 5 times. It is better to do this massage in bath, and the effect will be better.

clear inguinal lymph

adopts the method of "Butterfly", by moving the legs, the legs can open up the meridians, Qi and blood to the groin to clean sanitation dead as "broom".

can not only destroy inflammation, but also increase the blood supply in the pelvic and abdominal areas, so that the organs of the blood supply and vitality, excluding impurities. The

method is simple. Sit down and fold one of your palm thick blankets over the bottom of your ass for two minutes. Then the legs bent, feet relative. Hold your hands, toes, knees open to both sides, as far as possible on the ground paste, which is dynamic butterfly style

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