An appraisal of Whiskey Rebellion: the United States began to form a free Utopia

An appraisal of whiskey resistance

qulishi· 2017-08-12 21:14:25

refers to the Whiskey Rebellion occurred in the western region of the United States of Pennsylvania, this event is the agenda of tax revolt, occurred in 1971, when the United States Secretary of the Treasury in order to increase the national income, then passed the law, while the western region farmers became the last victim, they will have food brewing City whisky, so that you can solve a lot of problems, but also improve the family's income, so this tax law makes the farmers very dissatisfied, then launched the Whiskey Rebellion, the whiskey rebelled against one of the background, then the Whiskey Rebellion background also includes what?


the Whiskey Rebellion was suppressed by the

in the background of the Whiskey Rebellion is one of them, in the war of independence in the United States many hair bonds at the time The United States need to pay off the debt, so the country can through the "national property tax act", the wheat brewing wine tax increase, while farmers were very dissatisfied, but the state is still the implementation of the law. The most important is the attitude of the farmers in the

in background of the Whiskey Rebellion, this tax law makes the farmers feel very unfair, because whisky plays a very important role in their lives, if wheat direct sales will appear many problems, however, brewed wine has greatly improved the efficiency. At the same time, the biggest reason is because of the protest when the tax law in this area and is not represented, many people resist this law are retired soldiers, they had to struggle against the war, but now they need to repay the debt, which makes them almost impossible to accept. Groups of small farmers began to fight taxes on large wineries.

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An appraisal of Whiskey Rebellion: the United States began to form a free Utopia


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