The ancient woman turned blind to her husband's brothel, so generous?

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qulishi· 2017-08-12 21:14:26

2 Sept. 13, the ancient woman to her husband concubinage to a brothel blind, really so generous? Is all women's nightmare, the ancient said, the ancient woman most willing to accept their husband concubinage, brothel, and some even encourage her husband to go, this is unbelievable, the ancient woman really so generous? The following small take you to see.


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why women in ancient China to her husband and even concubinage brothel as blind? In ancient China, some women may even encourage her husband to concubinage, therefore also concubine culture got full development. It seems that only forced her husband to concubinage can give yourself a chastity arch like, such values in Chinese is a wonder.

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The ancient woman turned blind to her husband's brothel, so generous?

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