Children between the ages of 5 and 14 need Dad to finish these 40 things. How much has your father finished?

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many families, mothers are the important responsibility of a bear children, the father is very lack of education. In fact, it is very detrimental to the healthy growth of children. "Fathers, no matter how busy they are, take as much time as possible with their children," said

, a famous British scholar, Habets: "

, a good father is better than one hundred schoolmasters."". Freud, a famous psychologist, once said, "I can't think of any more adolescent needs than father's protection and love.". "

studies show that

is more likely to show high levels of collaboration and social skills among fathers who are actively involved in family education, and less likely to have problem behaviors.". Another survey shows that fathers are often associated with their children, which is crucial to children's values education.

so, if you want your son will have a bright future, and if you want your daughter to grow up to be happy, if you want to have a good image of their father in the hearts of the children so please start from today to be a good father, accompany the child! "

" from 5 to 14 years old

father should accompany the child to finish the 40 things

you do a few? A


at least teach children together with their children "whimsical"

and kids do some puzzle game

children exercise together

after dinner and children walk together

and children enjoy reading books for fun

kids outdoors

every year and children a long journey, broadens their horizons

to accompany the child to visit bookstores

with children visiting the Museum of

and children together to feel the wonderful world of art

< p> took the children to visit the famous university

and kids to love, cultivate children's good character of

the children talk about their work

together with the child to the mother

a birthday gift for together with the children Set the

learning plan and children together to prepare dinner together with the child


to accompany the child to participate in various competitions and children enjoy the music

and the children go to the mountains and the children enjoy gardening


to accompany the child to learn to ride a bike

with kids to visit, to teach children

etiquette and children together with guests

children to experience the joy of

children and discuss his monthly pocket money number

teach children some knowledge of safety

and children learn together to obey the traffic rules of

take children to see how food is

and children together "save the model"

talk about the ideal

together with the children in the face of setbacks let the children understand

wealth is by the labor transfer The

and children together with their children

charge charge, fuel your

children experience to go shopping, go shopping before the budget

to accompany the child to live a simple and meaningful birthday

and children often embrace

promised him to promise

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