The script structure 30, no nonsense! (parents learn to teach their children.)

Children structure regular script.

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Chinese characters has its specific form. The stroke length of the density, the size of their height, have a certain arrangement disposal, which is called the matrix structure.

although all forms of calligraphy, calligraphy style is different, but cannot do without a program, there are laws to be found. Today, we will sum up as follows:

1, horizontal vertical

, we usually talk about "flat", refers to the horizontal painting is smooth, not the level of italy. I cross to the right 5--10 degrees, in calligraphy called "take oblique potential."". "Vertical" refers to the vertical painting is not the meaning of the vertical upright. According to the font, it can be oblique, positive, flexible and straight. The following diagram:

2, tight, loose,

font, the upper strokes are more compact, the lower part of the sparse long. The following figure:

3, open the

word of mouth, or with a flat mouth the words, a word at the end, Caozi first class, should be slightly wide, slightly narrow and close down. The following figure:


on the lower left, lower words and long transverse stretching strokes strokes, the upper structure units should be tightened; lower should be about to stretch to support, called "loading". As follows:

5, put down,

words, the upper part of the extension strokes, the lower structure units should be tightened; upper left and right stretch, to cover, known as "days over."".

6, stretch left, let right

for right, the left side of the picture is divided into two sections of vertical picture, left long, right short.

7, left, right, right, thick,

characters in a number of vertical pictures arranged, left vertical thin, right vertical thick.

8, left

all right long short long mouth of the box part, the left side and right vertical short Dian, long and thick.

9, left, right,

, box or two longitudinal strokes between the small horizontal, usually even left vertical, and not even right vertical. If there is a vertical cross through the small horizontal, usually small cross in the left and right between the two vertical suspension.

10, left, small lift,

, left and right sides of the structure, when the left side of the big, the left small should be slightly larger in the middle of the right.

11, right small whereabouts about

structure, when the right left at the right middle small livable left a bit lower.

12, left, narrow, right, wide,

, left ear narrow and slightly shorter to right, right ear slightly wider and hanging needle long, so as to match left.

13, left, right, right, suspension,

characters, there are many vertical paintings, the left side of vertical can not be written as hanging needle.

14 and

note, about the structure of units and small strokes form, make it vivid and close contact.

15, symmetrical,

in the middle of vertical, the left and right stroke length, height, width and coordination, in order to balance.

16, left, left surround, right inside the slightly

left on the lower left is surrounded or surrounded, the internal structure should be slightly offset to the right of writing, so that the whole word gyger in focus. Surrounded by

17, right, internal slightly left

right on the siege, the internal structure of units should be slightly left writing, so that the whole word gyger in focus.

18, left

and left high low Na Na tail line as the tip of a slash (the other two write about illegal same), which is related to the oblique potential.

19, evenly distributed,

has more horizontal or more vertical arrangement, try to make the upper and lower, or around the gap evenly.

20, the hook to the center

hook and the horizontal hook, the hook point of the pen position, or close to the structure of the unit or the center line of this word is better.

21, around

, with the box of the word, the frame is smooth and upright, can not be tilted into a parallelogram shape.

22, the inner structure of the left

box should be full of inner space and slightly left.

23, no

when no painting bag vertical strokes, opening frame lower right corner to cross out the vertical package.


in the mouth painting bag horizontal strokes, in the lower right corner of the vertical frame to cross out.

25, cross center

write Na cross point should be online in the structure unit or the word center.

26, don't repeat all two

Na Na above exist, only stretch a Na, other change point.

27, pen breaking

although Bibi independent, but to ensure that the pen and pen, trajectory of nature, a relationship.

28, the

, which is formed by the upper and lower frames, is generally inserted into the frame.

29, adduction of external

intermediate words together, the periphery evacuation release, in contrast with the characters.

30, down

in vertical and vertical right left connected words, write the pen in the vertical position generally on the right.

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