I want to be your radio, shining the night sky

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today, the fairy tale radio station continues to tell you the story of ELF half. What happens when half of the elves meet a bear? What is his collecting desire? Will he disappear from the night? Don't worry, we'll announce it right away.

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Wizard: pay half the sugar protein of marine

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: Miss Brown bear day mi

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radio, 101st fairy born perhaps in order not to like it!

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followed bluekey half bear steps through the jungle trails, turned a huge strange stone. Before the first rays of light shone into the forest, they came to the bear's house. It was a hollow big tree hole.

"here, please! The brown bear opened a hole in the plantain leaves that blocked the entrance to the tree.

"Daddy, daddy, who came back with you?" A small brown bear in a Plaid Dress sat up from the bed.

is a beaver "? The sloth? Or bunny? The pace was so light that I could hardly hear it! "

," she said with anticipation.

"you can't think of it. It's the spirit of the forest."! "Brown bear," said Dad, halfway up to the bed.

"Hello, Miss Brown Bear. I'm a fairy.". The first time you introduce yourself to others is a little nervous. "Me, my name is half.". "

" I know, I know you, I can't see it, but every night I can hear you whispering in the window, and the rapid winds passing by. My ears are sensitive! "Said the little bear happily.

half noticed that the little girl's hand was eagerly searching for something in the air. A pair of beautiful big eyes had less of a vivid expression. He is like the wind jump around her ears to turn a few laps. The little brown bear felt a tickle in his ear and could not help giggling.

"outstretched hand," half said, "I want to come. "Finished, he fell lightly into the little brown bear's Plush palm.

little brown bear can't see half of it, but she can feel his presence. She was too excited to speak some tremble: "Dad, I have a fairy in the palm of your hand! "

spent half of the day chatting and chatting with the little brown bear in the tree cave. He told the little brown bear all the strange creatures in the forest, and even told her how old and solemn the elf elders were.

half also learned from the brown bear father that when the little bear was nearly two years old, he would never see anything again after waking up in the morning. The mother of the brown bears left them forever the winter before last because she was so sad. Rumor has it that morning drops of dew into the eyes can cure eye diseases, so for several years, Papa Bear goes out to collect dew every day before daybreak.

"I know it must not be a legend. Maybe one day her eyes will see the beautiful world again.". "Xiong Xiong's eyes are very firm.

"and what are you collecting?" "Papa Bear smiled and asked," do you want to be lake water? "

, half of them shake their heads again and again: "I'll tell you at night. This is my last night, too."! "

, five,

night is coming quietly, as someone suddenly blindfolded your eyes, the dark moment engulfed everything.". Half of the elf pushed open the window of the bear's house, and a bright moonlight flooded the tree hole.

"what I want to collect is the stars in the sky."! "

", you see, half of the water in some brown bear's pot is handed over to the window. Sure enough, a few stars ran into the middle of the palm of the hand, shaking happily with his breath.

"I remember the stars. I used to lie on the bed near the window and count the stars in the sky. I fell asleep when I counted them.". I remember all the shining stars. The little brown bear was so happy that starlight seemed to twinkle in her sightless eyes.

"maybe I can't be a star. I don't even know if a genie can be a star.". But anyway, I'll try. "

", how many stars have you collected in the 100 stars in the water? This is your last night. "Brown Bear dad is worried.

"19."...... "Half said softly," is that a depressing number? But I still have one night left. Anyway, I wish Miss Brown's eyes would be better soon. Even if I had disappeared from the darkness, I would have thought so. Halfway up, he got up and went out to collect his stars.

suddenly, brown bear father and daughter are very tacit together, learn half of the way, holding both hands in the chest. "Let us help you, before dawn, you may need to look like us stupid big guy. "

elves have no tears, or half of them will cry out.".

, six,

, this is the last night of half and all elves. Looking at a long old elf elf into flowers, into the grass, moving into

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