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in just the end of the concentration of RNG and FW in the duel, Looper took out a hand Bobbi as a single. Although Bobbi suffered a weakening in this version, but he is still in the game show a strong force, led directly to the situation in the field.

in just the end of the concentration of RNG and FW in the duel, Looper took out a hand Bobbi as a single. Although Bobbi suffered weakened in this version, but he is still in the game show a strong force, led directly to the situation in the field, won the MVP! Obama boom dragons first is analysis of game of "" "" "" and the operator Bobby "img" content "" "" looper response to Mata Mata in Wang "img" "0" ""

principals on the first day of a joke said to buy, the next day a joke" 50 ", do not know the headmaster will not buy?

looper talent the add

a wave of mass flashed the wall live each other directly will rival the ADC strike killed. The following is a spiritual wound after teaming, kill each other and AIKE. RNG pulled disadvantage.

"content_img_p" in this wave, Bobbi in the extreme distance will be the other side to play the wild leopard female E to the wall, direct seconds off. Immediately, the FW single rob entry mouse, thousand Jue released ultimate protection, and thousands of Jue ultimate back blood before the second, Bobby and timely will rob launched to kill. The two wave of the details of the operation of the whole audience, blew the horn of the RNG attack. Core skills

Bobby and practice methods

Q is an incidental effect of deceleration second period of AoE damage. Bobby online the main bowls skills but also the core output skills. Because Q skills not only have a good foundation damage and each section also added a 6% enemy maximum life value of the damage, making Bobbi in the meat of the same output capacity is not bad.

W skills is Bobby's a masterstroke, passive can get 12% of its armor and wear resistance and life value less than 40% of the time will be doubled. This passive so that the enemy can not be able to figure out how to calculate in the end how to kill Bobbi, and then with the holding back to the blood and Bobbi passive shield, really make the enemy feel desperate. The active effect of

W can be obtained moving speed, and blocking skills onrush. (can stop praying mantis Murloc this mobility shift ability, can not stop the blade and juggernaut this spatial displacement skills, most are to block, can rest assured that the use!)

E skills is Bobby's a difficulty in the looper interview he repeatedly stressed that the enemy e to the wall is very, very important. E to the wall can be caused by double damage, with the E to the wall of the Vertigo effect can easily hit the two paragraph of the Q damage. 3 E skills not only can dash in the front row, can also protect rear

EQ double damage on the outbreak was Bobby opposition area to seconds easily human capital

practice methods:

need through continuous combat to practice block a variety of dash skills with W, and find many suitable for the position of the enemy heroes e to the wall, only to have the rich experience in wall boom, can play the ratio of true power.

equipment recommended:

Bobby mainly rely on Q skills of the percentage of damage, e skills wall thump double damage and R skills of high base damage output. And her main role in the mission is to play a control, as well as the front row to interfere with the enemy's C bit output. So the meat is the best, of course, the choice of equipment is also a certain.

on line skills:

Looper in an interview, said Bobbi on the line is not particularly afraid of the hero, but the early relatively weak. Bobbi's late group warfare capability is absolutely first-class. < p > 1 Q skills is an AoE damage, can be fully qualified soldiers and fill the developmental tasks, depending on the situation to push the line or line of control. < p > can make frequent use of passive and does not extinguish the grip to shake up, but it should be noted that the amount of mana. General idea is to play advantage of best and play the advantage through the line of control in development enemy can take you without any way < 3 inferior tower don't panic, w skills barrier dash skill effect and e skills for a prolonged period of vertigo control the poppy has first-class compressive ability, of course, also can not forget w skills passive effect, tower back to kill every minute.

the opportunity to support to the wild area.

group war ideas:

Bobbi's R is a very interesting skill is also a tactical skills. Lead up to 4 seconds, 15% reduction in their own, the enemy to fly into the distance. About R application in general is divided into the following ideas

seconds R to make the enemy in place to hit the fly, hit the injury, and so that the support of the teammates can keep up with the output

II R C enemy, it will be defeated. When the onrush of enemy heroes into our formation, you can choose the enemy after hitting the back so that it cannot keep up with the output. Finally, on the front of the enemy were closed to catch the thief < 3 R enemy onrush hero to repel. When the enemy tank hero rushed in and disrupt our formation can be to repel. Let our rear C can re adjust the formation wave counter. Conclusion

Looper < p > Bobby has been in LPL shine, even in the world arena is 3 field Bobby victory, as long as the looper get the hero, he can always carry team.

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