Paradise shopping spree! Talk about my life in lotus BB show, stroll around those things

Hongkong Mead Johnson baby Mead Johnson will

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, the mother of Shenzhen and Shenzhen, must have heard of the lotus exhibition in Hongkong. As the largest international fair for mother and baby products in Hongkong, international famous brands and exquisite small brands will participate in the exhibition every year. During the exhibition, many exhibitors will prepare a gift for parents, product discounts are super discount, you can imagine the parents of more than 800 booths how excited to walk in the field? This a few days ago, I was in the shopping spree paradise to experience it all!

" has not started before the exhibition, I went to visit the exhibition Raiders! And group of friends about good morning more than 8 gktt to Hung Hom, arrived in Hongkong is more than 10 points, under the train, we hit went straight to the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition center.

when arriving at the destination, a lot of people are queuing up. Hongkong exhibition here is more humane, that is not only guidelines made very clear, and service is quite in place. However, in order to save time, we still bought VIP tickets, as long as 25 Hong Kong dollars. You can easily spend HK $25 into the hall, without queuing time is not crowded, the money was very value! There are several VIP entrance

site, and different VIP corresponding to different brand booth entrance. As a member of the army to carry the milk, I chose the Hongkong Mead Johnson VIP tickets. An approach on the booth to see it! "

" for 14 consecutive years as sales of the first Hong Kong milk brand really is not the same, the booth area is large, the design is very simple and fresh tall! Listen to the Hongkong Mead staff knew it can white Platinum is new, it is no wonder that in the mainland are not seen. The staff told me that the use of Purity Protection Mead Johnson Platinum new technology, to ensure that important nutrients to keep pure and keep the brain rich in DHA to support the comprehensive development of the baby. At the end of August to mainland mothers in the major electricity supplier of Mead official flagship store on to buy overseas.

" this year Hongkong Mead Johnson booth is divided into two parts: one side is lined up to receive gifts, BB inflatable seat learning and shopping bags, and on-site registration will be able to join "will become their" Mead Johnson family members can receive various parenting / nutrition lecture invitation and discount information. Because of this I will live without demur welfare, registered a. The other side is the interactive game! Play fun games, "an infant health nutrition resolution Platinum" formula, you can get the pure natural colored cotton Bib! Really admire the scene of the staff, even if the site super people, the team also receive gifts or special order, so I will not hesitate the queue, just want to put all the gifts to take home! "

queue membership and receive gifts of the parents of

" to feel the scene crowd. ~

don't think the scene exhibition is to receive gifts so, during the exhibition, Hongkong every day with professional prenatal meadjohnson said Seat for pregnant moms FAQ, after attending the seminar can also get Mom U soft pillow, pillow and other gifts for children to learn! Must give generous praise Hongkong Mead Johnson ah ah ah ah! "

" every day

" in TV interview Hongkong Mead Johnson high-rise ~ this sister paper super beautiful super temperament! Instant powder

walk around the Hongkong circle! After we continue in the exhibition hall of Mead Johnson, sweep in field, baby toys, stroller, car seat and all the clothes..... Can not miss ah! These galleries are doing very lively and lovely. And most of the booth will have Rest Area, so tired of people visiting the exhibition can go to do some of their products, also can experience

very unique booth layout, good dream!

of good quality toys, workmanship is very fine, and it looks like to buy buy buy!

show to 9 PM only. I walked around the pavilion for a whole day and felt my feet weren't my own, but when I saw the two big box babies that had been struggling for a single day

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