How do babies increase resistance?

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lingyuwang· 2017-08-12 22:04:43

baby how to increase the resistance of ? Believe that parents are very concerned about the baby's resistance, the baby have a fever and other diseases are related with cold resistance, so how to enhance the baby's resistance? Today Xiaobian to introduce you to this baby how to increase the resistance, for reference.

baby how to increase the resistance to

1", take new scientific ideas of traditional Chinese medicine

China parenting saying classic parenting words, "to let the baby, will be three points of hunger and cold", this experience is still widely application of parenting. It means that if you want your child to be healthy, don't eat too much and wear too much. Because eating too much, easy to cause stagnation, too warm, too thick clothes, easy to make baby adapt to cold ability drops. In this case, if only a little careless, baby will be sick. Mommy should have more knowledge of Chinese medicine parenting and guide correct parenting.

2, to the baby to eat Chinese medicine diet,

yam, red dates, lotus porridge: 200 grams of glutinous rice, 50 grams of yam, lotus seeds 50 grams, jujube 10, a total of porridge, clothes, spleen, enhance the efficacy of disease resistance.

3, do more exercise to enhance physical fitness

three bath baby survival in nature, we must adapt to the nature of the various difficulties and hardships, sunny warm. The nature of the air, the sun is also essential nutrients in human life. Often consciously let the baby in the air, sunlight and water movement, you can enhance the body's resistance to disease, and nature really "heaven and man together."". "Three bath" exercise means "air bath", "sun bath", "water bath", they can effectively increase the baby's disease resistance.

above is Xiaobian to introduce you, baby how to increase resistance, related knowledge, I believe we have some understanding of it, for your reference, learning Oh.

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