Double screen YotaPhone, Meizu looked tears

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haojiyou· 2017-08-12 23:14:48

recently, the new YotaPhone 3 renderings and parameters are exposed, this classic dual screen came.

, today, let's talk about this machine. One side of

ink, color

third generation, YotaPhone is still the unique design of the front + back black and white ink color display screen. The

front uses 5.5 inches 1920× 1080 resolution Samsung AMOLED display; the back is a 5.2 inch 720P electronic ink screen. (YotaPhone 2 540× 960 resolution screen ink;

is Kindle kind of electronic ink screen, because it provides the closest traditional paper effect, can be said to be the most eye screen type.

is not good-looking, it can do.

YotaPhone 2, this ink screen supports the clock, weather, screen magazine, music player, call reminders, text messaging and other functions.

", and even, if you like, you can turn it into a id= screen. Although

looks gray is "mourning", it can be eye ah, but also the experience of electronic ink screen in the sun than any screen must be good.

, the perfect Yang Guangping, eye shield, power saving screen, who else?

", and this screen is a direct touch operation.

, such as navigation, ~

YotaPhone, 2, and the third generation, there must be some. It is worth noting that

YotaPhone 3 is equipped with a Yota OS 3 operating system (based on Android 7.1.1), do not know can not play the king of glory

new design, I a Phone

design, YotaPhone 3 also than the previous generation of amazing too much.

, we take a look at YotaPhone 2, the heavy guy...

↓ YotaPhone 2, 8.95

YotaPhone 3:< /p>

" this slim the fuselage with YotaPhone 2 with obvious contrast.

at the same time, YotaPhone 3 front and back are using a full black design, plus ink screen, it is estimated that the value of Yan is not low.

the whole design shows the light and round body of the product. It looks a bit like iPhone.

" on the back of 2.5D positive fingerprint identification, the curvature of the fuselage and the auxiliary screen, while the rear screen added three virtual keys, feeling really will cover when the positive...

hardware, YotaPhone 3 equipped Xiaolong 625 processor, 4+64GB/4+128GB memory combination;

1300 megapixel front camera, 12 million pixel camera;

3200mAh cell, USB Type-C interface, dual card dual standby full netcom.

price part, rumored YotaPhone 3 4+64GB version priced at $350 (about 2330 yuan), 4+128GB version of $450 (about 3000 yuan).

this price, buy two Kindle also can not help but buy YotaPhone send Kindle, why not?

", and so on.

you said recently, double screen mobile phone how to fire up?

screen, not a new thing, there is a long history.

thumb, about in the last century in 90s, when Andy still and millions of brothers and sisters of the race, first flip of a fire. Then

, Moto, SHARP, NOKIA and Sony Ericsson are a few specialist.

classic Moto Razr V3, then asked 3000~5000 yuan clamshell machine, sales of 130 million units.

talk about mobile history, and NOKIA.

Connaught was famous for its wonderful design. It has several Nokia N76, Nokia, N90 and N93/N93i special clamshell machines.

↓ Nokia N90↓

↓ Nokia N93/N93i↓

" of course on behalf of SHARP.

used to be the biggest mobile phone company in Japan, but that's another story. Two types of

↓ SHARP 920SH↓

" with the Japanese companies, Sony Ericsson W980 is also very good.

is this --

&darr, Sony Ericsson, W980&darr,

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