Zhongguancun, no sex life

Ding Ding the glory of the king the frigidity Liu Qiangdong

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", here used to be Silicon Valley of China, and Liu Qiangdong sold CDs here. The instant coffee in

's coffee shop was heated by hot water. People here talk about changing the world and realizing their dreams. They are 2B, 2C, 2VC. Everyone's title is very dazzling, CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, everyone is the chief, everyone is the official.

maybe a lot of people know, maybe some people do not know, Zhongguancun was originally called Zhong Guan Cun, the Qing Dynasty was greatly small eunuchs cemetery. Whether or not the powerful silent smell, they are buried in this. Is there any supernatural power dominating this area, because it's still bustling and noisy, there's nothing here, just no sex life.

is not my boyfriend asked frigidity

Ding Ding from the north of the town came to work in Beijing has more than three years, fell in love for her boyfriend of many years finally when it comes to marriage. At that night, her boyfriend made about to speak, but saying nothing. Ding Ding faint feel that he is afraid to propose, and deliberately went to the bathroom brush, brush, wipe the lip balm, think about it, and rummaged through the drawer, found the annual draw in the YSL lipstick, wiping a handful.

sits perfectly and waits for her boyfriend to pull out the diamond ring. Boyfriend shy, slightly timid, said: "you, is not it a little bit... Frigidity ah?" "

, huh?" In front of the pink bubble was invisible one by one needle punctured, the deep meaning of Tintin pondering this sentence to calm down. Frigidity? No, not really. When was your last sex life? But I can't remember it. Before

tophere building is a big store, now almost empty stalls, became a business incubator. Ding Ding runs a new media business in one of the incubator's start-up companies. For three years, her wages have not risen much, but the hours of work have been stretched and stretched without limit. Whether it is 3 a.m., or Saturday night at 12, the boss's phone will inadvertently sounded: "

, hey, that star derailed, and quickly catch up with this hot spot.". "

" Hey, did you see the news? Think about how we can take the title of the article. "

" well, the activity is not good this time. What's wrong with it?. "

as a new media, we want to poke in the user's G-spot, every public title will allow users to a climax.

as for your sex life, who cares about TM?.

my hands, contributed keyboard and the glory of the king is said to have a

programmer between self-evident: a beautiful girl friend despise chain programmer > have a girlfriend > girl can have programmers; dating programmers, only those years single programmers will mutualdisdain various programming languages and operating system.

noisy, students have always thought that the language they use the most advanced, operating system top.

, his cell phone is always on standby for 24 hours. In addition to marketing messages, SMS is full of server alarms. He rarely chats in company chat groups like everyone else, but he has a very good personality, and everyone will call him.

products: @ noisy classmates, is this version postponed again?

operations: @ noisy classmates, the new version of bug too much, users quickly bombed, has been scolded ah.

administration: @ noisy schoolmate, you work overtime this month, have you finished the ticket arrangement? Bring it up and fill out the form.

CTO:@ noisy classmates, I review the code again, the stability can not ah, technical students work hard.

whenever this time, noisy students will have the feeling of need, in this company, especially warm. After work, he knocked on the hands of the code all day, felt a little tired, decided to open the phone, play a few kings glory rest, and recently too busy, did not play the qualifying.

computer keyboard and King glory used up all my strength, noisy classmates think: my hands have no strength, and then touch the girl's chest.

finally he found the dog was not tired

ran a day customers, Mr. Liu had tired limp on the flat-share room, weak picked up the mobile phone. He vaguely remembered the girl who had been chatting recently and asked him if he wanted to go to the cinema at noon, but he didn't answer when he was in a meeting. He took a look at the time, 11 points, if you go now about, you may also watch the midnight games.

he opened the girl's head, to see her friends drying out of the circle of two stubs with the text, plus a lot of expression too lazy to read. Mr. Liu rubbed his eyes, tired, take a bath.

as a video site sales manager, resourceful and honeyed tongue is his ability to master.

but the girl on his appointment often says, "I find you very quiet.". He looked back in amazement, and he did not speak very much during the meal, for he was always worried about the sales targets. Boss look, his face is not very good, and he could not finish this quarter, not to mention that the year-end bonus has been ruined, and whether the position can be kept secret.

when he was too tired, he liked to laugh at himself and live like a dog.

one day, when he was walking out to meet his client, he saw a group of small dogs walking around the dogs. The dogs were eating all kinds of imported food

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