Can you get rich overnight with lottery tickets? In fact, in disguised form to pay taxes

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" today, Guangdong people spend 40 yuan to buy lottery tickets out of the 105 million awards, this year is the first million Yuan grand prize. With 40 yuan in exchange for 105 million, even after paying a variety of taxes, net income is also very impressive, the lucky lottery can be said to be overnight flourishes. In life, many people have some kind of expectation to lottery tickets. Although they don't expect to make a lot of money by lottery, they also hope they can subsidize the living expenses in small prizes. The temptation of two dollars for a big money seems overwhelming. However, in fact, the process of buying lottery tickets is to pay taxes in disguised form.

of market watch earlier, U.S. website for Americans to buy lottery in 2014, and finally reached a conclusion: the lottery is essentially a "voluntary tax". The conclusion concerns the operation of the American lottery system. The United States does not have national lottery, only the state lottery, the highest authority is the state lottery Commission, is responsible for supervision and policy formulation, the lottery company responsible for the management, the Commission is responsible for sales. The distribution of lottery sales proceeds in several parts: return award, public welfare fund, agency fee, advertising expenditure and management fee, etc.. In these sections, both the tax and the public welfare money are returned to the state governments.

state lottery Commission according to the local actual conditions, such as lottery sales, making distribution proportion of public welfare fund demand, states the different requirements of different kinds of lottery, the proportion is also different. But generally speaking, the proportion of public welfare payments is not less than 20%. Massachusetts public welfare fund, for example, accounts for 25%. Washington state public welfare funds accounted for 36%; Iowa public welfare funds accounted for 20%; Minnesota state public welfare funds accounted for 23%; New York public welfare funds accounted for 39%.

" in addition, the amount for prizes in another part in the form of taxes returned to the government. American lottery winnings require taxes, taxes, state taxes, and personal income taxes. Lottery issued in the state, the state tax rates are different, the rate of return is also different. The tax payment proportion is the same as the 25%, state tax according to the specific provisions of different states (individual states do not need to pay the winning income tax), personal income tax to income as a benchmark (winning amount in annual income). As early as 2009, 11 states in the United States had more lottery revenue than corporate tax revenues. So, most lottery owners won't win, but their lottery money will be an increasingly important part of the state's finances as lottery revenue.

law, government net income should be obtained through the lottery into the government budget and society, education and other public projects. According to the official state lottery agencies report, in 2013 the national lottery revenues of approximately $70 billion, after paying bonuses, commissions, advertising and operating costs, about $20 billion investment in state finances, the money is mainly used for public welfare funds, can make up for the lack of income when other financial sources of vulnerability. It can be said that the United States citizens through the lottery in the form of voluntary payment of "invisible" in taxes, pay taxes, took out his wallet and extra help the government quickly for the financial "blood", or the construction of public subsidies. If you buy lottery money in the form of "voluntary tax" into the expenditure, equivalent to Americans with more debt.

2014 years, Americans spend on lottery tickets $70 billion 100 million, has made no small contribution to the government $3 trillion and 20 billion in revenue. The interesting thing is that Americans spend so much money on lottery tickets, not because their economy is improving, but their overhead is increasing. By contrast, the average American savings rate was less than 5% in 2014, and was among the lowest in the developed world. Many Americans are heavily in debt and credit card loans amount to $16 thousand per person, with an average family car loan exceeding $27 thousand and home mortgages at $169 thousand.

, and more amazing, in America, the poor are the most stable buying groups in the US lottery. According to a study by Max Galka, a US data analyst. In New York, the lowest paid people spend more money each year on lottery purchases than all other forms of tax they pay, and in some cases the gap is as high as $1000. At the same time, the poorest people in the United States, who earn less than $13 thousand a year, spend an average of $645 a year on lottery tickets, averaging 9% of their annual income.

" these poor people can not find a short time quickly to increase revenue to improve the way of life, can only hope that the lottery let them overnight. However, the winning rate of the lottery doomed him
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Can you get rich overnight with lottery tickets? In fact, in disguised form...

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