From the brick carrying out 60 billion dry coolie business empire

Fuzhou Chongqing Yonghui supermarket pepper

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just ten years, he not only completed the move from brickwork to entrepreneurs through the counter attack, to create a number of ESOP billionaires, the top ten shareholders in the 6 shareholder wealth of more than 700 million, 54 Key Employees worth tens of millions. In March


near the hustle and bustle of the FuZhou Railway Station in the sound of firecrackers in a small supermarket opened slowly opened the red

Zhang Xuansong

"Yong Hui supermarket" four red fresh appearance at the age of

27 million Xuansong Zhang

did not expect this common action

has opened a prelude to the 60 billion business empire

in gold a lot of people, it is easy to open a supermarket, rely on capital accumulation scale, is waiting for the cooperation taking delivery, wait for customers to consume, manage one into a money on the line.

but if it is so easy, when domestic and foreign supermarket giants take the fight to the Zhang Xuansong home in Fujian, the local supermarket is not in very short time died, Zhang Xuansong also did not have the opportunity in the crevice to outshine the.

scale is also not a super life guarantee. In the past, the supermarket upgraded to hypermarkets are considered to be effective against risk, but the rise of electricity providers, Carrefour, WAL-MART, Huarun and other dozens of million year down to speed, while still in the new Yonghui open dozens of stores, easy expansion.

experienced two bloodbath, Yonghui not only survived, but also for the top three Chinese retail growth trend, this apparently behind the University asked.

's knowledge is difficult for Zhang Xuansong to come by.

19 year old Zhang Xuansong went into the arena, the first thing to do to open the supermarket eight pole could not beat - move bricks in a construction site in Fuzhou. He once hated it for small, not to be encouraged to, he will not give up his head, can jump high school.

thought to the new world to succeed, but he is no education, no technology, no capital of the "three noes" members snubbed, can only be reduced to the construction site dry toil.

", this is not the life Zhang Xuansong wants, he began desperately looking for opportunities.

in my cousin's recommendation, he put all sorts of things together 30 thousand pieces of the principal, took over a beer wholesale shop.

became the "small boss", but he is young and inexperienced in business, the most important one - geographical position he ignored, few people in the shop lots, the original owner is because of this down, Zhang Xuansong took over, also can see the light cut into money rent every day.

he was all round, day forced their point. Silaixiangqu, Zhang Xuansong made herself open industry pioneer who took 24 hours, 1 hours door-to-door service "which is a hitherto unknown scheme.

in that travel is not convenient era, this trick is very effective. Of course, the premise is competitive as much as their physical strength, because no money to hire someone, Zhang Xuansong had to ride a motorcycle delivery, regardless of where the summer, regardless of the weather.

bitter spell 5 years later, he all the way from three agents developed into a total of Fujian Province, save the savings, but also acquired a good business sense of smell.

1995, the street gradually out of a supermarket attracted the attention of Zhang Xuansong, he judged that this format not only a variety of goods to consumers trust, should be the future trend. Zhang Xuansong immediately decided to jump out of the circle of beer agents and make a bigger deal.

has the lesson before, this time Zhang Xuansong dare not rash, he runs all supermarkets to do "spy", from the location, to the category, to consumer preferences one by one to see in the eye.

soon after, Fuzhou downtown, there is a 100 square meter commodity supermarket -- ancient profit supermarket.

"meager profit" is not just a slogan. The same goods, Zhang Xuansong less than peers earn 80 Fen, hoping to win by quantity. This kind of profit taking behavior is very popular with consumers, and his traffic is always more than his peers. During the

, Zhang Xuansong became increasingly aware that consumers were extremely sensitive to prices, even if they were a dime a dime. This experience, he became one of Nirvana day big development.

at this time, Zhang Xuansong founded the first distance Yonghui supermarket has more than two years of time. If not in the middle of the chaos, this time to advance a lot. While

was in the supermarket, Zhang Xuansong took a step away. He did not give up the beer business, Tandaqiuquan also entered into the upstream production process, is going downhill of the Rongcheng beer company, and served as deputy general manager. The results just

shares, with the financial crisis, the disadvantaged Rongcheng beer, and two other local brands of widening the gap, Zhang Xuansong invested millions of almost all wasted, even the supermarket also lost.

life and death, a relative to Zhang Xuansong's ability to help him through the storm, he was able to avoid the fate of bankruptcy.

this painful lesson Zhang Xuansong engraved on his heart: life is not touched, cooked not put, do not imagine the business of good, even if you think safe, but also think of failure first.

re started, Zhang Xuansong wholeheartedly only supermarket, and always put the crisis awareness in the first place.

's business is growing at a low price as a core competitive strategy

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