What should customers do if they want to return it?


huanqiulaohucaijing· 2017-08-13 00:26:25

, the wrong answer,

1., no way. When you bought it, didn't you like it?

2. that's your preference. We can't return it.

3. if it's not a quality problem, we can't return it.

problem diagnosis

"no way, did you buy it when you like it?" this statement is too mechanical, blunt and persuasive, and has the meaning of blaming customers for being ill considered.

"this is your own good, we can not return" and "if not a quality problem, we can't give you back", this kind of argument is wrong. As a shopping guide, not all the responsibility to the customer, even if the customer's own good, shopping guide also has the responsibility to advise the customer staff.

therefore, if the clothes are really not suitable for customers, the shopping guide should bravely stand up and assume responsibility, and not be able to shirk responsibility for the customer's own choice, not the quality problems.

shopping guide strategy

, many shopping guide in the face of customer returns requirements, showing impatience, intense words, or explain too simple, mechanical and so on. The feeling for the customer is that the shopping guide is trying to shirk responsibility, and if so, we are going to be very difficult to convince the customer.

", a good guide, should be calm. First of all you do is hold in the customer's emotions, ideas and encourage customers to say to listen, try to find out the real cause of customer return, as long as the customer is willing to tell you, the solution of the problem becomes relatively easy. The specific method is:

guide trying to ease the other emotions after the initiative quickly to return to deal with, in the process of grasping the language and attitude are very important, of course, if the customer would return, shopping should be timely to meet customer requirements, not to annoy customers until the situation get out of hand.

word template,

shopping guide, 1:

, Miss Wang, you don't worry, let me help you deal with this problem. Do you think this dress what makes you not satisfied with it, you can talk about the specific...


(customer guide finished) Miss Wang, this is the first, I am very sorry for having you back and forth to run so many times. I understand what you mean, in fact, this dress in the style of the advantages of this design... Because... When you put on it... (into selling point) "img_box" id= class=


>[guide Miss Wang, this is all my fault. Blame I didn't help you good. It's really a bother for you to come back and forth so many times on such a hot day. Well, we got a new batch of goods yesterday. I think there are a few of them that suit you very much. Here, I'll pick out some for you. Just a moment, please. What kind of style / color / material do you like? (to exchange up)

summary: euphemism sincere, exchange priority, return is limited, facing the customer demands the return should evade the crucial point.

source: Retail expert

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What should customers do if they want to return it?

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