How can I not believe that Dongyu Zhou is in love?

Dongyu Zhou the movie Ethan Ruan Zhao Liying

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recently, Dongyu Zhou Po took out her life picture, but everyone's attention was attracted by the diamond ring she was wearing! Is it true that Xiao Huang is in love? What's your opinion?

"Dongyu Zhou recently in the instagram Po makeup photos, photos of Dongyu Zhou ring finger clearly show a diamond ring!

"in a few days ago she Po out of the picture, by netizens speculation, photo stickers secretly hide ring!

, is it winter uncle? Is it in love?

"but then suddenly I think this" diamond ring "routines like deja vu! That being the case, then we follow this "suspected love" clues to guess, uncle exactly in love with who?!

first, let's start with the story of Dongyu Zhou's legendary Wen (Fei).

"to talk about that period we all know: Dongyu Zhou personally certified only romance, and classmate Tian Mingxin. We should also understand the antecedents and consequences, two people in April 2015 was photographed intimate travel, then, Dongyu Zhou admits his generous love. But the good times don't last long, in January of the following year, two people also announced the break.

in addition to this section of the chapter on love, others make groundless accusations rumors, here we also talk about.

"2013 Dongyu Zhou was shot and update the suspected relationship picture, two people once heard the news -- that is both as a heroine, just as after the movie" my deskmate ".

"then, 2015 Dongyu Zhou and Ethan Ruan rumored, even" in Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Xu's mistress "said. But the parties Ethan Ruan micro-blog clarified: "Tiffany Xu's girlfriend, Dongyu Zhou's granddaughter" - when two people but also because of the movie "runaway detective" cooperative acquaintance.

"then, as everyone knows the 6 uncle Shawn Yue is. By the "love reality show", the two people who were not appreciated at the beginning were openly "sugar", so sweet that people could not tell whether they were "real" or "show""!

"because of this show, Dongyu Zhou duck image increasingly popular. But now the daughter of Shawn Yue and Taiwan "belt king" Wang Tangyun affair basic solid, yellow duck and 6 uncle no longer casually made of sugar.

anyway, in so many "gossip boyfriends", everyone else is related to work except an old acquaintance! Even in true love, Dongyu Zhou has been in love at work!

although these suspected love is without knocking on it, but we work filled with obvious to people. To take a variety of popular actress, general Dongyu Zhou, busy is inevitable.

"Zhao Liying once said to myself, 365 days a year, they have working on the show 360 days. Then we take the standard model worker Zhao Liying as reference: in 2016 -2017, Zhao Liying appeared in a total of 14 dramas and films.

"on the go to see Dongyu Zhou, a really have many! See the main film market Dongyu Zhou, in the last year to now, there are 14 entries! What would you say if you asked Dongyu Zhou if he was busy or not?

"work occupies a life. No wonder Dongyu Zhou said in an interview that he wanted his boyfriend to be an outsider. Because as insiders know, too busy! This is in the same interview in

", Dongyu Zhou also appeal to everyone: give yourself the boys, you need love!

"in front of the camera for the male female star, Dongyu Zhou real is upright! But as long as you're a little bit
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