The 6 year old girl was sold as a sex slave and was sexually assaulted up to 1700 hours before she was 12

Pedophile kid the Belgium

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Ying Ying case still touches our hearts . Recently, human trafficking, sex trading things have happened: the British model was kidnapped and through the dark web auction, Dezhou WAL-MART parking lot of a truck in hiding dozens of bodies, entrepreneurial God make hero has been blasting the pedophile , even the girls love to play flowers also became a pedophile Xian "hunting" places .


rice network for children this vulnerable groups, pedophiles have long seen the platform to allow them to a large area of contact with boys and girls, they must not miss these opportunities. In addition to the fairies and other sites, even the QQ group is hidden in the bar, bringing the pedophile together with the less active children. For these children, their minds do not really understand what sex is, what love is, nor how to protect themselves.


and some pedophilia is scary they Baotuan and formed a secret underground organization, the surface dry body surface, but secretly doing the dirty work.

, and most of us are kept in the dark.

until the 54 year old Anneke Lucas revealed to the media that the sexually abused childhood, more and more people began to attach importance to children's sexual abuse.

1963, Lucas is both a writer and a successful businesswoman. In 2008, she created the 500 hour Yoga Alliance Project in New York (, Hour, Yoga, Alliance, RYT, program). From 2011 to 2014, she started Liberation Prison Yoga, a nonprofit organization for prisons, and helped the victims of childhood abuse through yoga, .

Anneke Lucas left photograph: Indiegogo

but she experienced miserable childhood experiences is a lot of people can not imagine.

" when she was young, she was her maid secretly sold to clients. did not choose to stop her mother when she found out about it. Instead, acts as a pimp, and when she needs someone, she puts Lucas in her own mouth.

was in 1969 when Lucas was almost six years old, and , her mother, sold her to the Belgian aristocrat Belgian aristocratic paedophile ring. And, on her six birthday, her mother took her to a sex party in a castle. she was used as an exhibit of SM, . She was imprisoned by a chain of dogs and forced to eat shit. When she was played enough, she was thrown aside like a broken doll, and a sense of shame and humiliation instantly eroded her soul.

photograph: giphy

was still in grade school she thinks he is nothing, there is no items. Because shy closed, Lucas hardly had a friend around, and when she returned home, no one really cared about her. At her school, there was also a girl who was as involved in the organization as she was. She thought of finding a trusted teacher to confide in. Her hopes were dashed when she suffered the roar of her favorite teacher because she had been accused of wrongdoing. At that time, the last straw in her world was gone.


every time when she like other kids home from school, her parents are told what had happened, he paid no attention to her. This is why she accepted their denial and self hypnosis that she is normal. Every weekend, she will be faced with endless suffering and unknown fears. Self loathing and countless shame feelings are going to drown her. "I'm so humiliated about what happened on the weekend. I don't want to know. I want to forget.". "

photograph: Mashable

when one weekend, she complained to his mother and tightly grasped the sofa, hope mother can see she's making mistakes. But her mother just pulled her hair and sent her to another hell as planned.

, according to the daily mail, Lucas said, "I'm very popular in the organization, and I'm praised by those who have the power and the high quality to be perfect.",

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