The United States's large-scale conflict broke out car crashed into the crowd caused 1 dead and more injured

The United States the car University of Virginia the people

zhongqingwang· 2017-08-13 06:34:20

On Saturday,

the scene of conflict overseas network on 13 August, the University of Virginia campus local time (12 days) the outbreak of demonstrations, the outbreak of the conflict during the demonstration, a car crashed into counter demonstrators, killing at least 1 people were killed and many injured, Virginia the government declared a state of emergency, President Trump urged people to tweet unity and condemns hatred.

according to the CNN (CNN) news, the University of Virginia is located in Charlottesville City, local time 12 days the outbreak of demonstrations around the white nationalist and right-wing activists came to the University city. Police expect the rally to be between 2000 and 6000 people, and organic says it may be the biggest hate rally in decades in the United states". During the period of

, a silver car suddenly high speed toward the crowd, the scene came scream. From the clip, the people at first realized that someone was about to hit the car and started to flee after about 10 seconds, and the scene went into chaos.

deliberately gave the driver of the vehicle crashed into the crowd, the driver quickly reversing the escape, severely damaged the front position visible. 1 people died when a car crashed into a crowd, according to USA today.

police say some protesters have pepper spray to other demonstrators during the demonstration. A large number of police officers were on the alert, and the state guards were rushed to the scene. Shortly after local officials announced an illegal rally, police began to disperse the crowd.

reported that the demonstration was related to the removal of a statue of the Confederate commander Robert Lee from the local government during the civil war.

on the same day, a number of demonstrations since morning, ready to go to the campus near the park to participate in demonstrations of the people, in the city of Charlottesville through the streets, such as "white up life is life" and "stop receiving immigrants" banner. As demonstrators passed through the University of Virginia, they waved more of the Union's flag and clashed against anti immigrant and ethnic minority protesters.

a large number of police officers rushed to the scene

Trump tweeted that, "we must unite and condemn all hatred, the United States is a country cannot tolerate violence".

Sullivan, President of University of Virginia, strongly condemned the demonstrators for "unauthorized and despicable acts of intimidation on campus" and reiterated that the school would investigate the matter.

reported that the demonstrations last night, hundreds of white supremacists in night parade in Charlottesville City, participants with the torch published "patriotic" speech in the street. The mayor of Charlottesville is a "hatred against the parade".

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