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is the mainland the rich talented actor and director, Zhang Yimou said, Jiang Wen's talent on he and Chen et al. The man was not only very talented and domineering exposed, unruly, arrogant; however hard stones have arrived but the tenderness of the water. Who would have thought that, finally live free rein was the horse looks weak actress Zhou Yun. So, what is the Zhou Yun magic by Jiang Wen there?

this matter has to be from the "heaven and earth hero" to speak of. In 2001, Zhou Yun and Jiang Wen in the film "warriors of heaven and earth", because Zhou Yun in the Central Academy of drama teacher Zhang Renli, and Jiang Wen year professional course teacher, this age difference 15 year old brother and sister division, many common languages and have kept in touch. Since then, Zhou Yun is Jiang recommended to the "barber" crew, due to modify the script and other issues, director Jiang Wen and Chen Yifei diverge to stop, Jiang and Zhou Yun has left the crew, gossip this spread.

as we all know, Jiang Wen is the "warriors of heaven and earth" in the male, the female is Zhao Wei, Zhou Yun is disguised herself as a man to play a bonze. Don't look at Zhou Yun play this monk is a supporting role, the lines are not many, is the plot ups and downs of the key role. That is, Zhou Yun has the courage to shave his hair to play this role, so that Jiang Wen gradually into her magic circle. It is said that Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun's understanding is Zhao Wei contributed to the. At that time, Zhao Wei is the famous actress, Zhou Yun and Zhao Wei, was a little-known new. It was the film that changed the life and the life of Zhou Yun and Jiang Wen.

media and widely circulated details, Zhou Yun appeared in Jiang Wen and French wife divorced shortly after, mixed race daughter become Jiang's heart pain, he often think female eager, pain to tears, but this time Zhou Yun just carefully into the comfort Jiang Wen's confidant. At this time the most vulnerable feelings of domineering man, Zhou Yun Jiang Wen became the object of salutary influence of education. So, Zhou Yun wise enough time here, let her grasping the tough guy Jiang Wen's emotional weakness.

even Jiang aggressive and defiant, is after all a sentimentalist, in the face of such a gentle woman, how can he have not surrendered? Due to the rapid emotional close, the relationship between the two rapid warming, by the end of 2005 Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun officially registered to get married. In September 2006, during the filming of "the sun rises again", Zhou Yun gave birth to a son for Jiang Wen. In December 2008, Zhou Yun gave birth to a son. Style= >


Zhou Yun who not only looks beautiful, gentle, hall, and timely for Jiang Wensheng two children quickly relegated to behind the scenes mothers, to the rear of the Jiang take care of very well organized, but also to other Jiang idea of women feel powerless and frustrated quit.

2016 March 17, the 10th Asian Film Awards in Macau held successfully, Zhou Yun by "Nie concealed woman" won the award for best supporting actress. From "one step away" to "Nie concealed woman". In recent years, Zhou Yun works whether the topic, word of mouth, and have achieved impressive results, Zhou Yun Hun performance gains a public praise, this is "Nie concealed woman" following the debut at the Cannes Film Festival, the Shanghai Film Festival again bright phase Asian Film Awards. Zhou Yun with in Assassin's Nie concealed woman "on the role of precision of moderation, performances of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, by the authorized person, there is no accident will Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actress in the bag.

Zhou Yun is truly unique, "she is beautiful, her heart contains the strength, completely shocked to just face to face with her for an hour of my. This is not a shock, a hammer over a stick fight over that kind of feeling, but just like...... Water. Quietly, quietly surrounded him, until it has been completely lost." Jiang Wen feels very deep.

if a woman only to face basket used to hold the right man is not enough, you must learn to do the man's soul mate, and not a personal client. But the real hardware dry cargo is essential, long-term effect, is to make each other in emotional attachment to you. To do this, is not easy, and need spiritual experience. Style=

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