Gansu scenic sudden flash floods 296 tourists trapped

The Yellow River the stone forest the Grand Canyon the storm

lanzhouwanbao· 2017-08-13 09:00:34


flash floods swept the Grand Canyon Scenic Yinma ditch

Lanzhou evening news (reporter Wang Wanying text / chart) the evening of August 12th, Baiyin Jingtai County, the Yellow River Stone Forest suffered heavy rain showers, rainfall of about 20 minutes to form large flash floods swept directly from the scenic Grand Canyon road and Yin Ma Gou, finally into the Yellow River. Reporter 11 pm that evening from relevant departments of Jingtai county and scenic part of the residents learned that the flash will not only some infrastructure Yinma ditch Canyon destroyed, will ditch 4 cars tourists private cars into the Yellow River. By flash floods effects, 296 tourists trapped in the ditch. At present, Jingtai has organized relevant departments in the scenic rescue, has not received reports of casualties.

flash floods trapped

burst my mother also trapped in the water ditch, the county has organized personnel to mobilize loaders and other equipment for emergency rescue, which we are still waiting. "In late August 12th 9, Jingtai the Yellow River Stone Forest ditch Canyon Yinma although it was rainy, but gathered in Mizoguchi people still worried. According to a resident in Mizonokuchi waiting for their loved ones, his mother is to provide services in the area of the donkey. Starting from 6 p.m., a rainstorm hit the stone forest scenic spot in the Yellow River. For 20 minutes the storm eventually triggered flash floods from Yin ditch Canyon swept out. See with the flood into the Yellow River vehicles, scenic area residents sit still, have to check the situation of mizoguchi.

"two or three hours from the start of the storm, the cell phone doesn't work and the signal is poor.". In addition to the villagers in the ditch, there are some tourists trapped. Mobile phone signal also resumed patency soon. "One resident said. Through contact, when they learned that their loved ones have basically moved to the higher side of the trench, the tension they finally breathed a sigh of relief. But at the mention of ditch in flash floods, they still fear, "the most fierce flood depth of 1 meters, is too high the waves. "

startup plan emergency rescue

" that night, the reporter in this case and Jingtai County propaganda department to get in touch. According to the departments of the responsible person, August 12th at 5:40 in the afternoon, the the Yellow River stone forest county area (Laolong Bay Village) appear intermittent heavy rain, resulting in a short time in scenic Yinma flood, tourists trapped. After the disaster, Jingtai county Party committee and county government immediately launched the emergency plan, the civil affairs, water, agriculture, animal husbandry, armed police and other departments and units rushed to the scene to rescue relief.

by rescue workers into the Yinma ditch after the initial check, trapped tourists 296 people. At present, Yin Ma ditch in the torrents has basically subsided, 12 trucks, 3 high-powered off-road vehicles, 1 excavators into Yinma ditch evacuated tourists trapped the scene. As of 11 o'clock that night, 26 people have been evacuated to the scenic management canteen, 240 people are on the orderly evacuation, 30 people waiting to evacuate in the security zone. No casualties report.

, according to the reporter, all the board and lodging of the trapped people are properly handled by the the Yellow River Stone Forest Scenic Spot administrative committee. None of the 4 vehicles plunged into the Yellow River were trapped. At present, the economic losses are further statistical.