Feng Xiaogang did not understand the wolf 2 high box office? Response: the villain rebellion

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xinhuawang· 2017-08-13 09:01:12

"wolf 2" released 17 days, the momentum is still strong, as of 12 at 14:30, the cumulative box office reached 4 billion 245 million, is expected to sprint 5 billion.

8 10, micro-blog entertainment account @ all-match broke the news, director Feng Xiaogang interview, asked how to look at the "wolf 2" mentioned hot, on Wu Jing's performance is very appreciated, but the "wolf" appears 2 ultra high box office in the offing, and said he has more and more cannot read the mainland market. The account as an introduction, ridicule Feng Xiaogang in recent years, the box office defeat.

, Feng Xiaogang had repeatedly expressed his views on various issues in the film circles.

in June this year, during the Shanghai Film Festival, some of his remarks caused controversy: "Chinese movies now so that the audience Tucao, garbage everywhere, must be related to a large number of garbage viewers.". Isn't that right? If you don't go there, there's no room for survival, and the producer doesn't make the junk movie. Junk movies are often expensive at the box office. "

to Lenovo, after the all-match @ entertainment from micro-blog, Feng Xiaogang has been questioned by many fans, some people thought he was" fired "… &hellip

11 evening 8:24, Feng Xiaogang positive response" is completely out of thin air"! He

in micro-blog says: one named "all-match entertainment" micro-blog said "I sprayed public disinformation to discredit the wolf 2". Entirely out of thin air. I have not received any "wolf 2" interview, I own money "2" private use to watch the wolf, I think the movie is nice, Wu Jing sent a letter to congratulate him on his success. "Micro-blog entertainment all-match" much ado about nothing what intention? It is the villain rebellion!

", "Feng Xiaogang", "" is also under the micro-blog reply users, or to clarify someone believed, and already ready to prosecute.

, 11 evening 9:35, @ all-match entertainment issued a document to explain, said he just said Feng Xiaogang said they did not understand, he didn't say "wolf 2" spray. Then he analyzed why a wave of Feng Xiaogang didn't understand. So … … or default, Feng Xiaogang said so?

" at 11 in the evening, Wu Jing himself stood up to speak, he sent micro-blog confirmed a week ago from Feng Xiaogang and Xu Zheng congratulated the video for "recent fermentation effects some guesswork to them, and even spread to more people walk deeply and sorry, please believe that China film volume and character. Return movies to movies. "

with map is a video shots, Feng Xiaogang Xu Zheng thumbs up.

" and then, at zero o'clock today, @ entertainment all-match apologized … … two before micro-blog, are also deleted.

, content_img_p, but it's not over yet! On the morning of 12, micro-blog administrator issued a notice issued on the so-called all-match account @ entertainment director Feng Xiaogang "wolf 2" evaluation content, confirmed by the parties for fabrication, according to the "Regulations" management of the micro-blog community entertainment information article fifteenth shall be banned for 30 days of punishment.

users have said this gag do hope this wave of gag can make some rumourmongers corpuscles while do not look at the wolf, "2" released in ten days, Wu Jing made much of a rumor? Just in front of Li Yifeng Wu Yifan denied the price is too high "2" scare the wolf "rumors, rumors have gone into the foreign family, this time Feng Xiaogang remarks to pick things up, distressed Wu Jing, rumor had light boduantui son!

(edit Li Yuyu)

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