Share prices rose 20 thousand times, Zhejiang boss when 8 minutes, the world's richest man

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qudongzhijia· 2017-08-13 10:10:13

Ma Yun, Ma Huateng's richest man in China has recently been hotly argued, but another Zhejiang boss suddenly became angry two days ago, because he became the richest man in the world, although only a short 8 minutes.

local time on August 10th morning, the NASDAQ listed stocks China Hailiang educational group "(Hailiang Education Group) shortly after the opening, the stock soared from $10.19 to $199999.99, or 2020101.92%, and 700 shares traded.

but soon, the sea bright stock is the NASDAQ with the reason of abnormal fluctuations in stock price suspension, 8 minutes after the re checking, the stock price also returned to normal 10.26 dollars.

" in the 8 minutes, the sea bright market capitalization of $5 trillion and 400 billion, stocks became history as the first "trillion shares, equivalent to six of apple, and Apple's market value is currently the highest, about $800 billion, you also in the first guess when Apple can break trillion dollars.

at the same time, 5 trillion and 400 billion dollars even more than Japan's GDP in 2016, second only to the United States and China, as a country can be ranked third in the world.

, chairman of the board of education Hailiang Feng Hailiang actual control stake of more than 90%, so that in 8 minutes, worth more than $4 trillion and 500 billion, not only become the world's richest man, and completely rolling Bill Gates, which is worth about $90 billion.

according to the Hurun global rich list, ranked Shaoxing Feng Hailiang rich list, with assets of 21 billion 500 million yuan, ranking 642nd in the world.

" is not clear the real reason of abnormal trading, but widespread speculation is " Oolong ", refers to the stock traders, traders and investors in the transaction, accidentally knocked at the wrong price, quantity, referred to as the direction of the sale other events. The history of the

at home and abroad have appeared Oolong means trading, there are huge profits, some people make no capital.

, a private equity fund in Beijing, said that the surge in share prices was a very unusual transaction, possibly because the trader lost the wrong number and pressed the keyboard.

, in this rare deal, the guy who sold the 700 shares expected to laugh in his dreams and easily made $140 million, more exciting than the lottery, and the buyer was crying.

education Hailiang group's existing three schools, more than 16000 teachers and students in school, the national basic education stage is the largest and highest grade of the private school education group, listed on the NASDAQ in July 7, 2015, capital of 25 million 700 thousand and 100 shares, the transaction is not active, the exchange rate was only 0.001% per day.

, its previous record high of only $12.499, has a market capitalisation of $264 million.

, and for the suspected "Oolong event", Feng Hailiang also used "dumbfounding" and "international joke" responded.

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