Make him one hundred million? Next time this name, Industrial and Commercial Bureau not approved

Rules of prohibition notices comparison rules Shenzhen

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according to Legal Daily reported on August 12th, in the future, enterprises in order to pursue "eyeball effect", and in the registered name superscript innovation practices will be strictly regulated. Similar to Shaanxi, Baoji, "Uncle Niu", that often up to dozens of words domineering name, is likely to no longer be allowed to register.

8 11, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently held a media briefing, the Bureau issued "on issues related to enterprise work well under the new situation of the registration of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") and "enterprise name restriction rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "restriction rules", "enterprise name) the same similar rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "rules") interpretation.

"Legal Daily" reporter noted, "the restriction rules" twenty-second stipulates: the name of the enterprise name shall consist of words or combinations thereof, shall not use the sentence, sentence group and paragraph, but has identified or have other meanings except short sentences.

enterprise name for ocean strange phenomenon will be corrected on the

series of the background of the new deal, SAIC enterprise registration bureau of the person in charge, in the interpretation of recent years, decision of industry and commerce at all levels and market supervision departments to seriously implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council, unswervingly push forward the reform of commercial system, a solid job of enterprise registration the registration of the work, effectively stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation, to create a more relaxed convenient business environment, making a positive contribution to economic and social development.

the official also pointed out that, at present, the "double told" not enough to implement the work place, the name of the enterprise is not standard, the emerging industry is difficult to define, scope of business registration is not fully aware, simple window service level high enough problems still occur, the enterprise registration work is facing new challenges and new requirements.

"in order to solve the outstanding problems faced by the enterprise registration work, after in-depth research and extensive consultation, we formulated these three documents.". "The person in charge.

in June this year, with the "super cow enterprise uncle" 39 word name events continue to ferment in the circle of friends and the media, more wonderful business name has been exposed, for example, "Shenzhen city earn him one hundred million Industrial Co., Ltd. Beijing science and technology limited company is afraid of wife." "you see what science and Technology (Shenzhen)" limited "Shanghai's largest Agel Ecommerce Ltd" wife "Hangzhou idle network technology Co., Ltd., etc.. The business license of

name long enterprise pictures from the Internet

for the current individual enterprise name of enterprise for ocean strange phenomenon, the official pointed out that the "notice" clear violation for containing content and character of socialist core values, express or implied, for non nonprofit organizations, or contrary to the name of the enterprise as the basic function of enterprise identity, not in word or its combination as the name, according to the "Regulations" management of enterprise name registration ninth first and second paragraphs and the relevant provisions shall be rejected or correct.

3 belong to

may cause deception or misunderstanding for the issuance of "restriction" and "rules" rule, the person in charge, in the process of promoting the reform of commercial system, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has been registered in the layout and management reform actively and steadily promote the enterprise name, has approved the Shenzhen City, Tianjin city Fujian Free Trade Zone, Beijing Zhongguancun, Guangxi City, Fangchenggang Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone to carry out cross-border e-commerce enterprise name registration reform work has achieved positive results. Based on summing up experience of reform pilot area of

, in April this year, issued a "State Administration for Industry and Commerce on improving the efficiency of the registration and actively promote the administration of enterprise name registration reform opinions", the deployment of the national registration authority at all levels of enterprises during the first open to the public library to establish the enterprise name, enterprise name query system, provide an efficient and convenient query, comparison, approval and registration services for the applicant, and further simplify the application audit registration process, for the realization of the enterprise name self declaration, the responsibility to create the conditions. The issuance of the above two rules is an important step in the implementation of the reform tasks. "The person in charge said.

"Legal Daily" reporter noted that the "restriction rules" in addition to the provisions of "no sentence, sentence group and paragraph", there are a lot of prohibitive rules and restrictive rules.

there are 11 prohibited rules, including general prohibition and special prohibition. Among them, the general prohibition rules include: business name may not be the same with the enterprise registration authority has approved the registration of enterprises in the same industry, the same name; shall not contain content and text loss to the state and social public interests; do not use foreign words, letters and numbers in Arabia; must not contain may cause deception or misunderstanding and text content to the public and so on.

then, under what circumstances might the public be deceived or misunderstood? In this regard, the person in charge explained that the provisions of this article mainly in accordance with the "enterprise name registration management regulations," Ninth, second. 3 categories are included: first, the names of the party and state leaders, the older generation of revolutionaries, the famous martyrs and the well-known models. Such as "Dong Cunrui", "Lei Feng" and so on. The two is the name of the villain who has the name of an illegal organization or reactionary political figure or a well-known villain. Such as "law"

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