What happened in Wenzhou property market?

Wenzhou real estate property market house prices

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Hong Dian street

District of Lucheng Li Er Cun village is famous in Wenzhou, from the Wenzhou River, the South Bank of Ou river less than 800 meters away from the urban area, the most expensive mansion in Lucheng square 2.7 km.

Li Er Cun dozens of dilapidated residential buildings to be razed in two months later, some very old houses have been identified as class C dangerous, must be within the specified time as soon as possible "rent", while D level dangerous are seals, shall live.

Li village prices are currently about 15 thousand yuan / square meter, according to the Lucheng District monetary resettlement program, residents can get 20 thousand yuan / square meter compensation. This makes demolition work almost no resistance.

without accidents, these cash in hand will be the formation of a large number of new home demand. Before, a lot of Wenzhou residents walked into the sales office. Last year, individual new opening projects, the removal of subsidies for property buyers accounted for as high as 50%, and some improvement projects, the proportion of households also amounted to 20% - 30%.

waiting for the demolition of Li village is not isolated cases, this is behind Wenzhou launched from last year's massive "big demolition, big whole" special action.

"big demolition"

"big demolition" include urban and rural dilapidated governance reform, "four no" production and business units to focus on remediation, demolition of illegal buildings, the transformation of villages, the management of the floating population and rental housing renovation, urban old market relocation remediation enhance Shuangyu comprehensive improvement of eight aspects. "Big demolition", "big whole" is a livelihood project, but the impact of the property market. Wenzhou real estate valuers and Brokers Association vice president Chen Dezuan said.

in order to promote the demolition efforts, in the monetization of resettlement, the Wenzhou government gives a clear higher than the housing market price of cash compensation.

in an interview with reporters, local residents in Lucheng, the core area of several sets of homes being demolished, a total of about 1000 square meters, 36 million yuan compensation, the compensation standard is almost equal to the average price of new houses surrounding the sale. "If the choice of physical resettlement, four or five years later to get the house, the government one-time to the golden resettlement, equal to 5 years later in this area of housing acquisition, this is very easy to accept.". "Ou Shao Liang estate regional chairman Feng Zhi explained.

in accordance with the previous guidance of the Wenzhou government policy, if households in the urban area within a year to buy commercial housing or property placement housing, up to 10% of the purchase subsidies.

official data show that in 2016, Wenzhou urban housing levy monetary resettlement reached 3423 households, the proportion of currency placement increased from 2.6% in 2015 to 23.98% in 2016.

as of now, the Ouhai monetary settlement rose to 13%, an increase of 8%, is expected this year the region's currency resettlement ratio will be mentioned 40%. Lucheng's currency targeting ratio is 50% this year.

this year, the city plans to complete more than 24000 villages in the city transformation task, if you reach 50% of the currency resettlement, at least 10 thousand households will have a large cash family.

, the policy has directly promoted the sale of some real estate. Pingyang county is located in Wenzhou city of Binjiang villa has 1000 suites source market, 2015 to 2016 only sold 30 sets. In November 2016, it became the Wenzhou city official called on the project, if the purchase of Binjiang heights in 6 months to get the demolition in 10%, you can get the government subsidies. "Overnight, the process is complete.". "Informed sources said.

Wenzhou municipal Party committee and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of sociology jointly launched the "2017 Wenzhou blue book" pointed out that the monetization of commercial housing for the promotion of housing can not be ignored.

as of November 2016, Longwan District, nearly 3000 households in the resettlement of more than 1/3, received 10% of the purchase of subsidies, the population occupied 23.5% of Longwan housing turnover.

for the government, the benefits of monetization resettlement obviously, according to Lucheng district Party committee secretary Li Wuwen's words, "vacated land can be listed in time for auction."".

inventory emergency,

households become developers competing for customers.

last year opened in the capital of a hospital on the beam, according to the statistics of 20% - 30% of customers for resettlement housing; people close to Biguiyuan Biguiyuan revealed that the first project in Wenzhou, the demolition subsidies buyers who accounted for 50%. "Wenzhou blue book" believes that the transformation of the village village signed a housing demand ratio of 60%-80%; in the short term, urban commercial housing prices will not decline.

therefore, last year, the Wenzhou property market experienced the highest volume in history. According to Lang trillion market research center data, in 2016, Wenzhou commercial housing supply 16072 54000 sets, an increase of 45.79%; commercial housing turnover 16072 64872 sets, an increase of 50.28%. To improve the demand for urban residential turnover rate of more than 144 square meters accounted for 65%. "From the second half of 2015, the Wenzhou property market began to recover, the current price is relatively moderate, healthy. "Feng Zhi said, even in the country's all-time unpopular real estate in 2016, Wenzhou's performance is still stable. In

Feng Zhi's estate beam, is the leading enterprises in Wenzhou, once known as the Wenzhou every three suites have a set of beams, is very familiar with the local market. "We have analysed tourist source, the market basically relies on local use only. This year, the transaction may exceed last year, mainly the big demolition, big, brought about by the large demand. "

can not ignore the status quo is that many local sources told reporters that the current Wenzhou property market to the actual inventory cycle has been reduced to 3-3.5 months, basically."

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