Why a second more the more strong, the three or four line will rise more guilty?

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said that the property market is not a China called economics.

2016, not astonishing Hefei more than the deep North of Guangzhou, took the annual price gains champion; even more amazing is that in 2017, in Fuyang County in Anhui City, a state-level poverty-stricken counties, should learn the deep North of Guangzhou have limit prices, limited land".

a second line of inflation has not ended, the 345 line followed closely, even the national poor county also falls into the house price revelry. How long will this situation last?

, a two line and three or four line, who is more foam? Once the situation is reversed, who will lead the way down to the floor?

2017 in July, large cities rose by three or four, the city is far ahead of the line.

many people say, the time to enter in 2017, a second tier city prices on their arguments are unable to get up after a fall, the city trading volume continued to decline, a leader said housing prices in Shenzhen, is the 10 consecutive months of decline.

a lot of times, statistics lie. They only tell you, Shenzhen prices fell for 10 consecutive months, but did not tell you, these 10 months, Shenzhen housing prices fell by only 1165 yuan, compared to 55 thousand of the average price can be ignored.

, Shenzhen house prices fell for 10 consecutive months, or negligible.

they also said that a second tier cities collective decline in volume, just in the past July, North Canton, Shenzhen, fell by 30% over the same period, Beijing, Guangzhou, the decline is even more than 50%. The numbers look very scary, but they didn't tell you, as a second tier city began to limit high plate market, limiting new net signed, the volume of data has been completely distorted.

on the contrary, in the layers of policy superimposed, Shenzhen prices rose by more than 30 thousand yuan in two years, and ultimately only fell by more than 1000 yuan, which shows that the market is cold, or the property market is still strong?

in October last year, a second tier city launch control, at that time the media say is the history of the most stringent, but even a city house prices did not stop; as a result, the purchase of the horse outside the credit limit, credit limit and then resorted to limit sell, followed by the introduction of the guidance price of the government, who had real price guide price shall not be signed. And the result?

Beijing Guangzhou property market and second spring, or even more exaggerated than in 2016, there is still no signs of correction. And a two tier hot cities in addition to turnover in the artificial control of the fall, the majority of urban housing prices are still rising, individual cities are only high consolidation.

, a second tier city why prices adjust the more strong?

is a good reason, limit the network signed, no restrictions on real demand; control of government guidance, but not on the market pricing of real control. A double contract will be able to cope with the problem, why so serious?

, three or four - tier cities, this wave of skyrocketing house prices, most people unexpected.

to almost all people, the three or four tier cities lack new economic growth point, while facing the pressure of population outflow, coupled with the continued high inventory, the property market to lose long-term basis for the rise.

reality is so strange. So why is the three or four line soaring?

is a reason for the surface, that is, when a second tier cities are restricted, limited loan limit, sell the combination of artificial lock, there is still no way to go to the three or four cities of funds, resulting in skyrocketing prices. Another reason for

is structural. Although the three or four line of the population in a second tier cities flow away, but with the promotion of urbanization, a large number of farmers in their county, urban areas on the ground into the public, but also brought a certain population increment.

there's another reason, it's crucial.

such as Anhui Fuyang county poverty county, the per capita disposable income less than 2000 yuan, while prices have jumped to five thousand or six thousand yuan. From the beginning of high inventory, why suddenly become tight stock, and therefore not allowed to limit prices?

the main reason is that the local is doing a lot of changes in the studio, and in the form of a change in the original location of the model, but direct money.

2014, -2017 years, the studio changed the monetization of the resettlement area.

so, understand, in order to shed the name of the large demolition of existing housing, and then in the name of monetary subsidies, so that the demolition of the purchase of capital. Both the original stock, and new demand, which prices are not all the way up?

in the three or four tier cities, like Linquan, there are many. Whether it is shed, or the transformation of the old city, is under the control of human, while the demolition side Dajian, government land revenue pours, people in the emergency room feast in involuntarily.

data also proved this point: 2015 -2017 three years in the studio to change the target is 18 million units, and in 2018 -2020 years will be rebuilt 15 million sets of various types of shantytowns, and further improve the monetary settlement ratio.

based on this, you will understand why the three or four lines of urban housing prices more and more people feel flustered?

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