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has released the 2017 mobile phone No. tenth batch of "Mahao telecommunication network resource use certificate" new

ministry, more before presenting the results of the public, covering 130 new paragraph number. Among them, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom respectively won the new public mobile communications network segment, that is, we usually use the mobile phone number.

" publicity content display, China Mobile won 198 (0-9) segment number (network number of public mobile communications network), 148 (0-9) segment number (network / public mobile communication network networking business special section), 1440 (0-9) paragraph (Internet network number), 13 (460) (mobile network identification code).

won the 199 China Telecom (0-9) section (the net number of public mobile communications network), 1740 (0-5) segment (satellite mobile communication service special section), 1410 (0-9) section (Internet network number), 59 (460) (mobile network identification code).

China Unicom has won 166 (0-9) paragraph (public mobile communications network number), paragraph 146 (0-9) (special section of Internet of things business).

, that is to say, for average consumer, China Mobile added the number choice that begins 198, China Telecom is 199 begin, China Unicom is 166 begin.

can be seen from the new section, with the rapid popularization of smart terminals and mobile services, the original mobile phone segment has been unable to meet market demand. Three operators approved the new paragraph, making its own number of more abundant resources, users in dealing with mobile phone numbers also have more new options.


three operators, mobile phone number section of the launch and use of the need for approval by the Ministry of industry, in general, according to the mobile phone number of the first three digits, we can basically determine which operator it belongs to. Before the new section of publicity, mobile phone number, paragraph number three operators are:

China Mobile: 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 150, 151, 152, 157 (TD), 158, 159, 182, 183, 184, 187, 178, 188, 147 (data number 1705 (section), virtual operators mobile number)

China Unicom: 130, 131, 132, 145, 155 (data card section) 156, 176, 185, 186, 1709 (virtual operators China Unicom number

): 133, 153, 177 China Telecom, 180, 181, 189. (1349 SATCOM), 1700 (virtual operators of telecommunications section)

" today, mobile phone has become an integral part of most people's lives, and the mobile phone number has become a personal name card. Influenced by Chinese culture, many consumers are concerned about the number of Chinese characters in the selection of mobile phone numbers.

6, 8, 9 and three respectively in the digital Chinese characters "Shun", "hair", "long", when the three digital high frequency of a mobile phone number, will be considered "good", sought after by people. From the distribution of the new section of view, the three operators to get 198, 166 and 199 are excellent.

in recent years, operators of "good" supervision has been strengthened, such as minimum consumption, prepaid and other restrictions. But because the Ministry of Industry issued a "Mahao telecommunication network resource management measures" banned telecom operators "charge users xuanhaofei" and "limit in any way telecom users use their designated business operators", so there is no access to this part of the interests.

" are not issued outside, are they distributed internally? The person in charge of China Mobile said it would not be distributed internally, but that it would not open at all".


networking business officially opened the curtain

it is worth noting that the new section of the issue there are a number of things on the net, this is the Ministry of Industry issued the first Internet special section, the three major telecom operators are obtained, which is of great significance to them.

the Internet of things is equivalent to the number assigned to a particular object. By this number, the object can "talk" to other objects (to transmit data). For example, can give a refrigerator to assign such a number (insert a SIM card), the sensor inside the refrigerator (fridge monitoring adequacy) can monitoring data will be transmitted to the SIM card through WiFi SIM card, then send the information to the owner, the owner will be able to know the need to eat egg, buy egg.

early in February this year, the Ministry has announced the "telecommunications network numbering plan (2017 Edition)" (Draft), including a new Internet network number. the Ministry said that the new technology of telecom business development change rapidly, has greatly changed the development of telecom industry and social service needs of telephone number, clear network networking, development environment for the networking industry to create a better.

because the number of objects is much more than the total population, so the total number of Internet of things is 14 digits, more than the average number of mobile phones to 3, equivalent to expanding the size of 1000 times.

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