Personal balance of treasure fell to 100 thousand yuan, what's the impact on us?

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guanchazhewang· 2017-08-13 10:10:50

introduction: 8 11, Celestica Fund announced that, since August 14th 0:00 onwards, individuals hold the highest amount of balance treasure adjusted to 100 thousand yuan.

this is since May 27th this year, Celestica fund down the balance of personal personal maximum limit, again taken measures to limit down.

Celestica fund, said the adjustment is to maintain the balance of treasure steady operation, safeguard the fundamental interests of investors, and better serve the public investors.

source, comprehensive self: twenty-first Century economic report (jjbd21; Li Zhihong), (Li Jinlei), China fund report (chinafundnews; Li Shuchao), daily news (nbdnews

) to adjust the balance of treasure highest holding amount is 10 million

yesterday (August 11th), Celestica Fund announced that, since at 0:00 on August 14th onwards the maximum amount of personal, holding the balance of treasure to 100 thousand yuan.

" in simple terms, after adjustment, if the user is in the balance of treasure funds less than 100 thousand yuan, can continue to transfer funds; if reached or exceeded 100 thousand yuan, while more money can not be transferred. Prior to August 14th, the balance of treasure in the fund has more than 100 thousand yuan, no need to roll out, you can continue to enjoy the proceeds. In addition, the balance of treasure out, consumption and income settlement and so on, without any impact.

", in fact, the balance of treasure has more than once down the amount.

5 26, Celestica Fund released the first adjustment announcement, since May 27th 0:00 onwards, the balance of personal treasure holders of the maximum amount is adjusted to 250 thousand yuan.

, "balance treasure" this year, the two reduction of the amount: first down to 250 thousand, and then revised down to 100 thousand.

as for whether the future will continue to cut the maximum amount of personal holding, the balance treasure side said, there is no continued reduction of the amount of the plan.

most users are not affected by

as the general public to accept a higher degree of Internet plus fund products, the balance of treasure every act and every move are popular industry and investors, adjust the holding amount is no exception. According to the

Chinese fund report, the industry believes that, from 1 million to 250 thousand, and then decreased from 250 thousand to 100 thousand yuan, the majority of investors is not large, but for a few idle funds more customers may have inconvenience.

from the 2016 annual report of 325 million households, the balance of treasure holders of household holdings of the fund was 2489.98 yuan, while the balance of treasure of the proportion of individual investors is as high as 99.72%.

Ji An Jinxin deputy general manager, director of fund evaluation center Wang Qunhang said in an interview with reporters, Yu Ebao "investor positioning is very distinctive, the holders are retail, at the end of 2016 per capita holdings amounted to 2489.98 yuan, by inference, this time to adjust the amount of influence groups should be more limited. "

Celestica Fund: two cut lines are" active "

Celestica fund stressed that two individuals hold down the balance of treasure amount are active choice,"". as to why this is done, perhaps some clues can be drawn from the public data.

according to recently disclosed 2017 fund two quarterly data, in the first half of this year, China's money market fund size of 5 trillion and 110 billion, monetary fund liquidity risk gradually by the market attention. The balance of treasure quarterly data show that its net assets of 1 trillion and 140 billion yuan fund, compared with the end of the year growth of 41%; and in the two quarter, this figure has become 1 trillion and 430 billion yuan, continue to maintain a rapid growth.

Celestica Fund said in response to the media, the balance of treasure positioning, or in the actual demand scene customer service, rather than purely financial instruments. Celestica Fund said: "

is the balance of treasure from four years ago since the line operation has been relatively stable, and the life and consumption scenarios with close characteristics have been widely welcomed by the users at the end of 2016, has accumulated more than 320 million users. The amount of reduction is also in order to serve more public investors, adhere to the balance of treasure, Pratt & Whitney product positioning made active adjustments. "

Wang Qunhang pointed out that the balance of treasure has long been relying on services developed by the long tail users, the adjustment will help balance the long-term stable operation treasure. "the amount of this reduction is actually a return to basics, the return of cash management tools, this core, basic positioning.". In the industry, fund companies actively adjust the amount of purchase is relatively common, moderate adjustment is also conducive to fund companies to better manage the operation of the product. "

is the balance of treasure fund manager Wang Dengfeng had also said that the balance of treasure liquidity management has been very stable, the balance of treasure from foreclosure forecast, asset allocation, risk early warning aspects, Celestica funds have made multiple security. It is understood that the service has a large data analysis team Celestica fund and ant Kim, specifically for the balance of treasure liquidity analysis, can provide future subscription and redemption of one month prediction, prediction accuracy rate can reach more than 95%.

in view of the balance of treasure and the general monetary fund's nature of funds and customer groups are very different, some people in the industry believe that the risk of liquidity

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