Xie Fenghua: secret from the proud to be wanted to stage a comeback from the ban

Fenghua Shanghai a commission.

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Commission officially announced on the Xie Fenghua penalty: confiscated 145 million yuan, banned for life.
> from God's favored one to the prisoner, to stage a comeback from a ban, Xie Fenghua walked him in the A shares of the occupation career.
Xie Fenghua is a what kind of person? What brand of A stock change has been branded on him? The lesson he left behind was perhaps the last and greatest contribution to A.

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> which immediately caused the domestic investment banking hot, Xie Fenghua continuously created two records, Chinese first insider trading representative of the sponsors, the first Chinese was wanted by Interpol sponsor representative.
Xie Fenghua have an enviable degree and occupation experience. Born in 1971, University of International Relations has received the Bachelor of English, Peking University, master of Finance CEIBS EMBA degree; he worked at an American firm Chinese representative office, Hongkong Peregrine, Xiamen securities, Guoxin Securities, CITIC securities. Of course, Xie Fenghua's most dazzling aura is also included in the first batch of registered sponsor representatives.

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Fenghua Xie is the God's favored one, and God's favored one international fugitive together is the two insider trading.
> in 2009, when he was finance development enterprise executive general manager of CITIC Securities Xie Fenghua, as insider information, insider information has not been made public before their purchase and told his wife An Xue may buy ST industrial and whwh; total turnover amounted to 1000 million yuan, a profit of more than 760 yuan.
An Xuemei also has a bright degree and resume, born in 1976 in Jiangsu Wuxi, graduated from Nanjing University, joined Huatai Securities in December 1997, 2004, the first domestic registered sponsor representative, then involved Huatai Securities Investment Banking executive director. Participate in the project, including Huaxi Village Ninghugaosu, Huaguang boiler, confidence electric appliance, Huafu and sunward IPO, as Shanghai Jinling, Jiabao group, Feiya shares financial adviser etc..
> in March 2010, the inspectors began to approach investigation. In March 10, 2010, during the investigation of the Fenghua bank account, the inspectors found that Fenghua had a record of paying the registration fees to the immigration agency. The relevant departments were immediately advised to take immediate measures to restrict their departure. However, in the border control formalities, Xie Fenghua to leave a A great calamity is at hand., as an excuse, diverted Hongkong to new zealand.
Xie Fenghua Lam, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps officially took over the case. Because Xie Fenghua has been unable to contact, so the public security department issued a red arrest warrant. It was the global, emergency, and fast wanted order that made Xie Fenghua the first mainland criminal to be wanted by interpol. Under tremendous pressure, Xie Feng finally chose to return to China and surrender himself.
January 6, 2012 morning, Shanghai Pudong New Area people's court sentenced Xie Fenghua, sentenced to three years probation for three years and fined 8 million yuan, An Xuemei sentenced to one year probation for one year and fined 1 million 900 thousand yuan, and recover the defendant Xie Fenghua An Xuemei, a total of 7 million 676 thousand and 500 yuan of illegal income.
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> according to the Commission bulletin, John Hancock medical controlling shareholder and actual controller Que Wenbin and colored butterfly butterfly color assets assets, the actual controller Xie Fenghua collusion, use as the controlling shareholder of the listed company and the actual controller has the advantages of information control, John Hancock medical intensive release positive information and content at the time of manipulation of information disclosure, not timely, true, accurate and complete disclosure of John Hancock medical adverse information, exaggerated John Hancock medical research and development capabilities, select the point of disclosure
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Xie Fenghua: secret from the proud to be wanted to stage a comeback from the ban